Xpeng promises to “mass produce” its range of flying electric cars

Xpeng promises to “mass produce” its range of flying electric cars
FLY ON: Xpeng has demonstrated several electric aviation projects in the past, but now they're announcing that the Xpeng Aeroth, which you see above, will be the first “mass-produced” vehicle designed to be able to fly — aimed at commuters and adventurers with a penchant for off-road experiences. In addition, they are announcing a flying electric car in the supercar category, which you will find more about below.

A new 'supercar' with pop-up rotor blades can take off vertically – solving the electric car package with a small helicopter on board. Xpeng still wants us to get up and fly, and promises to “mass produce” aircraft.

Chinese electric car maker Xpeng Reports The thing you see above, which they themselves refer to as the “modular flying car,” will be able to be ordered by anyone who can afford it in the last quarter of 2024.

The ambition is to be able to offer a fairly special package solution for the electric vehicle to customers who have already ordered after a year That is, on the eve of 2025.

An electric supercar with foldable rotor blades

Xpeng is clearly serious about conquering space, but unlike Elon Musk, they are currently limited to the lower air layers of our atmosphere.

Flying 'supercar': This crab, the Xpeng Aeroht eVTOL, was showcased by the Chinese automaker at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.

We previously wrote about this flying version of Xpeng, which has already been experimenting with flying cars since 2013 via its subsidiary Xpeng Aeroht:

Xpeng Annual Technology Day:

The veil is lifted from flying electric cars

At the CES technology show earlier this month, they showed off the latest version called eVTOL of the Xpeng Aeroht.

The vehicle has a ground mode and a flight mode, where the rotors emerge from the bodywork and you should be able to embark on short-range flights in low airspace.

Disclaimer: Here only as a “regular electric car”, with lowered rotor mechanism.

Below you can watch the video where Xpeng makes her donation:

Xpeng has flight-tested the two-ton prototype without melting to the ground, and thus considers the whole thing a success so far.

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But Xpeng doesn't say much about the details of possible serial production of the eVTOL model at the moment, other than that it will become relevant when the rules regarding regulation and practical use “mature.”

Demonstration in Las Vegas: At the CES technology show earlier this month, people were able to hold up their cell phones and shoot.

Two-for-one package.

But back to the “building kit”, Xpeng has now announced that it will mass produce it – for sale to regular customers:

Thus, it is a “two vehicles in one” package, with the air unit typically living inside the ground unit, i.e. the electric vehicle.

Mother ship: i.e. the electric vehicle that contains the flight module.

And when you go out to fly – like Morten Skogmos's grandmother if you like – you take the helicopter part of the car and fly straight into the air.

Watch Xpeng's video of the chart here:

The manufacturer believes this electric/air vehicle package has potential both among private customers and on a professional level – in everything from catering to rescue missions.

Xpeng refers to the modular EV package as a “land aircraft carrier,” so the first customers should be able to get their hands on it by the eve of next year.

So this seems very tangible and within reach – and maybe it's not just science fiction in the distant future after all?

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Speaking of range, Xpeng has yet to provide details on how far you can go before you have to charge, neither for the car nor for the flight unit.

But Xpeng stresses, however, that this is not just “another concept car” under investigation, but that the model is now in the early stages of mass production.

We are registering for the testing service!

The car has to be thoroughly tested by the company's development department, and although the design is still under development, Xpeng states that the car will be manufactured with 4-5 passengers in mind,

Xpeng also states that the battery pack on the mothership, i.e. the vehicle, will be of a more powerful type, and will be able to provide a “multiple” charge to the air unit.

It's also clear that the car will have the towing capacity of all six wheels of a three-axle box truck, perhaps reminiscent of a Tesla Cybertruck without the cargo plane (but with a built-in helicopter)?

XPENG for you with excitement: No one has said anything yet about the price of an electric car with this electric chopper “in your pocket”.

Admittedly, only two of these passengers will have a place in the air unit at the same time, where you will enjoy a 270-degree panoramic view from the air.

And yes, that's all we know at this point.

Although there's been talk of flying cars since we've been playing in the sandbox, it's okay to get a little excited.

At least that's what we think now, and thus we volunteer to try the craft at the first and best opportunity. (We think. prevail.)

Are you listening, Xpeng Motor Norway?

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