You will make millions of people out of robots

You will make millions of people out of robots

Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed off the prototype of the “Optimus” robot on Friday. Musk meanwhile expected the car manufacturer to make millions of them and sell them for less than NOK 217,000 – just a third of the price of the Model Y.

Elon Musk said at Tesla’s Corporate Artificial Intelligence Day that there is still a lot of work to improve and prove Optimus works.

Today’s robots lack brains

The prototype that Tesla has been developing since February took to the stage and waved to the crowd that was at Tesla. The company also showed videos of the robot performing simple tasks such as watering stations, lifting boxes and metal rods.

Musk also claimed that humanoid robots today lack a brain and are unable to solve problems on their own. He further claimed that the Tesla model stood in contrast to the current generation of robots and that it was very capable.

I’m not the only one

Other car manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda have developed prototypes of humanoid robots. They can also do complex things like work in a factory and throw basketballs. The main difference is that Tesla wants to market the production of robots and sell them in the retail market.

Musk previously reported on the dangers of artificial intelligence, but said Friday that the massive proliferation of robots has the potential to change civilization. Moreover, he claimed that he would create a future in abundance and without poverty.

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