Norwegian influencers feel we’ve been let down by fitness brand Fit

Norwegian influencers feel we've been let down by fitness brand Fit

On Instagram, ads and promotional posts abound, often between heaven and earth. Influencers big and small usually promote clothing frequently, and it’s not uncommon for an ad for training clothing to pop up in the feed.

Fitness brand We’re Fit in particular has become increasingly popular on Instagram in recent years, thanks in particular to influencers. However, earlier this month Bodyshapes AS was declared bankrupt by the Swedish Tax Agency.

So far, a total of NOK 13.5 million in claims have been received.

Reactions have now come from some of the influencers who have collaborated with the fitness brand. It was Bergen’s Dente He was the first to point this out.

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– Shock

After the company was declared bankrupt, BT reported that they would pay several tens of thousands in loans to Norwegian influencers. Among them is Anna Rasmussen, formerly one of Norway’s biggest bloggers.

– He tells Dagbladet that they owe more than 70,000 for the ads they created and published, and booked more than 100,000 campaigns, which were not used due to the bankruptcy.

He points out that the 100,000 kroner were only agreed campaigns and were not carried out due to non-payment.

The company’s managing director, Yvonne Haveland Evenson, is paid in the millions. This is shown by the accounting figures for Bodyshapes AS. Rasmussen responded harshly.

– It shocks me that the company’s general manager is paying himself millions and pouring money into the company, while they book a lot of campaigns with many influencers and clients who don’t get paid. They clearly did not receive the goods they paid for. It’s too bad, she believes.

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Dagbladet has not yet been able to contact Evensen, the company’s general manager. He tells PTI that the company faced many challenges during and after the pandemic.

– Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt. Evenson writes that suppliers and shareholders are losing money as a result.

Crores in debt

According to the judgment of the Hordaland District Court, the company was declared bankrupt and, among other things, they did not pay value added tax, employer’s tax and VAT. According to PT, they owe the Swedish tax agency more than five million kroner.

– I have never experienced anything like this, I have more than ten years of experience. “I’ve experienced other companies showing respect for the work put in and paying for it,” says Rasmussen. Daily newspaperAdd:

– Of course I think it’s crazy.

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Many people are affected

Dagbladet has been in touch with many of Norway’s biggest influencers. Many have cooperated in the past saying we are a fit, but deny that the company now owes them money.

However, Caroline Kwamme, general manager of Influencer agency Ad sales, assured Dagbladet that some influencers in her position We are fit have suffered from bankruptcy.

“Yes, this applies to some of our influencers – the others being Linnea Lottvedt and Martin Lunde”, he writes in a text message.

– I feel cheated

In front of Dagbladet, Løtvedt owes a lot of money, including himself, to many influencers that we deserve. She didn’t want to say how much money was involved, but:

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– We have been talking for months without delivering the agreed price. The worst thing about this situation is that we influencers spent a lot of time on advertising and were loyal to what we saw fit, because I was very happy with the products I received. I feel cheated, she says.

Martin Lunde also confirms that it applies to him – without wanting to go into the amount.

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