Retired as a nurse

Retired as a nurse

Recently released Norwegian Nursing Organization 15 percent of the nation’s trained nurses have left the profession. It is 17,000 nurses.

– Nurses and specialist nurses are the occupational group that clearly has the largest shortage in Norway, in fact more than ten percent of the total shortage. This goes beyond the health care of the population and the health preparedness of the community, says Lil Sverestator Larsen, president of the consortium. Norwegian Nurses Association (NSF).

NSF refers to a survey carried out by Statistics Norway, “Labor Market for Health Workers to 2040», which shows that the country will need 100,000 nursing man-years by 2040.

Therese finished: – Very

Therese Gudmundsen (25) from Stavanger completed her training as a nurse in 2019. Later she started housekeeping in Bodo where she completed her education.

FHI after horror warning: - We must prepare

FHI after horror warning: – We must prepare

It didn’t take many guards before she noticed how difficult it was to stand on the job.

– There was too much work pressure, almost always understaffed, lots of responsibilities and very poor timing. We often get messages in the morning that people are sick and then there is no one to replace them, Therese tells Talkblade before continuing:

– I took the work home with me, because I was always wondering what happened, if I forgot something. I was always working on it in my head and eventually it stopped.

Hart: Therese Gudmundsen tells how demanding it is to work as a nurse.  Photo: Screenshot / Instagram

Hart: Therese Gudmundsen tells how demanding it is to work as a nurse. Photo: Screenshot / Instagram
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Tells future nurses

A year after starting to work 100% as a nurse, she was on sick leave. Therese was burned out and unable to keep things going.

Now she wants to inform future nurses about what they get if they choose the same career as her.

– By choosing to study nursing, you can make a significant difference in people’s lives, while having many exciting career opportunities ahead of you. It is a rewarding and meaningful job with an exciting and varied working day. No two work days are the same! Plus, you’ll be more attractive on the job market, and you won’t have to worry about suddenly being out of a job! Apart from the positives, one should also be aware of the negative aspects of choosing a career as a nurse, says Therese before continuing:

– It can be high work pressure, stress, understaffing, staying up all night and generally low energy in everyday life. The salary is nothing to brag about considering all the responsibility that comes with the job. It was certainly great that people stood alone on the verandah and clapped for us during the pandemic, but unfortunately it did little to help the wallet.

Leanne (26) sounds the alarm: - There is a crisis

Leanne (26) sounds the alarm: – There is a crisis

Bodo Municipality and the Ministry of Health and Welfare respond to the comments below in this case.

– Got my life back

After two months of sick leave, Therese returned to work at 80 percent. That too became so difficult that in April 2022, Therese stopped working as a nurse.

– I had to do it to get my life back. I realized it wasn’t worth it when I didn’t have a life outside of work. There were always a few people at work, and there was a lot of extra work, he says.

She says it was painful to have to jog between patient visits to get the list.

– I don’t have time to do that little bit extra, and I care and want to talk to my patients. As a result, you have very little time, and you rush through tasks to the letter, says Therese.

Enjoy the new working life

Today, Therese is not only an influencer on Instagram with 250,000 followers, but also works as a digital specialist for Telenor Arena.

– I also sometimes work at Bodø Airport and can take one shift per month in domestic service.

– How is the quality of life with that type of work?

– can’t really be compared. Life is very good, I enjoy my work, says the 25-year-old.

– What will it take for you to fully return to nursing?

– Thérèse makes it clear that there should be an increase in staff, better pay and reduced work pressure.

Nill Sverresdatter Larsen told the NSF that if Norway is to address these future and current challenges, some of the approximately 17,000 nurses who work elsewhere than in healthcare must be re-employed.

– If we are to manage this, wages must go up and workloads down, Lille Sverstatter Larsen agreed with Therese.

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Larson says it’s also important to add that there may be darker numbers out there. They know there are places where there is a shortage of nurses, but no positions are advertised.

– We know employers drop ads after several rounds of announcements without qualified applicants. At the same time, we know that the use of temporary agencies in the field is increasing and that more nurses are going to temporary agencies, says Lille Sverestetter Larsen.

Bodo Municipality: – Lack of staff

– Bodo Municipality is in the same situation as other municipalities and hospitals across the country. The demand for health and care services in the population is increasing, combined with a shortage of qualified personnel, says Liv-Bente Salle, senior consultant and specialist nurse in home services for Dagbladet in Bodo municipality.

Saleh says 2020-21, the period of the coronavirus disaster, was an extra challenge.

– In the home care service, we had challenges related to both inefficiency and increased sickness absence. Bodo Municipality gives high priority to this challenge. Together with our employees, we are always working to find good solutions so that working days can be enjoyed in a good and motivating way, says Sælø.

Warns men

Warns men

Work to keep fresh

He explains that small and big changes are made to find the best solution.

– For example, it can be mentioned that in recent years, we have undertaken new tasks and service development to ensure optimal use of expertise, says Sælø.

She explains that the home care zone represented in this case is where nurses are placed at the top of the general workforce to precisely address the challenges highlighted in the interview.

The clip went viral on social media in Sweden. The video, filmed at a fast food restaurant in Kungsälv, shows a group of boys urinating in a freezer full of ice cubes. Correspondent: Jostin Sletten / Talkblade
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– We are currently working on a Strategic Skills Plan for the Health and Care Sector which will be submitted for political consideration this autumn. Sælø clarifies that the program will create a common platform for our work to recruit and retain the professionals we need and ensure that they make the best use of their expertise.

The reception and follow-up of new staff will be among the topics covered, he says, with a particular focus on the transition from studies to the first years of working life.

State Secretary:- Decisive

– Nurses and other professionals play a vital role in our collective health service. It is critical that this government recruit and retain our talented professionals. “We are doing well,” State Secretary Truls Wasvik (AP) tells Talkbladet.

Shock letter:- read and burn!

Shock letter:- read and burn!

– Nurses are clear that they want to spend their time on nursing tasks. Therefore, he continues, it will be important to better distribute tasks among different professionals, ensure proper utilization of expertise and work full-time.

Vasvik says they need to prioritize properly, let other professional groups have their way and use technology where appropriate.

– This is how we want to make everyday working life better in our collective health service.

– Created a project

We have submitted an expansion plan for full-time and well-staffed maintenance services, which will help ensure adequate staff with the right skills, Wasvik says.

- Passengers opened the plane doors in the air

– Passengers opened the plane doors in the air

– Here we see, among other things, measures to ensure the recruitment of nurses, especially for district municipalities where there is no recruitment. “We are also working to continue the Health Workforce Commission’s inquiry and have entered into a partnership agreement with KS to address workforce challenges in municipalities in the coming years,” he says.

– Wasvik explains that when it comes to wages, it is the parties in working life who negotiate it.

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