It may snow on Friday

It may snow on Friday

– There is talk of a couple of centimeters of snow on Westland’s coast, says duty meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vaughan.

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Cool, beautiful winter weather continues throughout Westland County and will last through the weekend.

– It could be milder next week, but forecasts are a bit unclear, says Julie Solsvik Vaughan at the Meteorological Institute in Bergen.

Sprinkle snow

– By the end of Friday, small low pressures will develop, bringing with them some uncertainty. A little snow on Friday. In Bergen and on the Westland coast, says the meteorologist.

– Will snow cause problems?

– No, it’s cold winter and dry weather. Vaughan says we could get a nice Christmas atmosphere from the light snow.

There was ice on Lake Tweedenett on Wednesday morning.

– It might be cold

– Has the cold been canceled a little or is it just as cold as you said?

– It will turn chilly Friday night and even into the weekend. Cloud cover determines this. At night the clouds settle like a mug over the land. And the weatherman says that the clouds are bringing down the temperature a bit more than we expected.

Cold weather is expected this weekend.

Friday night and Sunday night will be coldest in Bergen.

– Then there are very few clouds, then the temperature is low. Vaughan says it will be minus 5 to 8 degrees on both nights.

Enjoy winter this week.

It was very cold

  • At 05 am on Wednesday, Fjarland recorded a temperature of minus 14.4 degrees.
  • At 09:00 it was minus 13 degrees in Vossevangen.
  • In 04 and 05, minus 8.8 degrees was measured at Etne.
  • Sandak in Hardangervita recorded a temperature of minus 15.1 degrees at 01 am on Wednesday.
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