He is the new director of Germuset

He is the new director of Germuset

Atlee Biske was appointed the new director of Jormusit on Thursday. Fisca accepts directorial job from Målfrid Snørteland, who will retire this spring.

Atlee Fiske has been the head of the Lerong Research Station of the Scratching ARC.
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Jormuseed writes in a press release:

The Jormseed Board has appointed Atlee Bisque as Director of Jarmuseet. Malfried, who is retiring this spring after 36 years, is getting a job as a Fiske director from Snorteland.

Atlee Fisco, 49, has been head of the Lerong Research Station at Skrting ARC. Prior to that, he served as Director of the Department at the Museum Stowener (MUST), Head of Daily at Akvamiljø AS, and Research Manager at IRIS. Fisca holds a PhD in Medicine from Bergen University and a Masters in Zoology and Human Physiology from the same university.

The chairman of the Jærmuseet team, Endre Skzorstadt, is particularly pleased that Fiskå has accepted the position of director.

– Fiskå has a solid background as a researcher and is qualified to further lease and further enhance the museum’s role as a regional museum and regional science center for the Southwest. At the same time, Fiskå has a museum professional background and solid tenant experience. He can show good results in previous roles. Germuseed will carry out a number of important projects in the future, including the Maritime Science Center in Randaberg. In this work, Fisca’s expertise and previous experience will be very useful, he says in the press release.

This is what Fisco says:

– I look forward to getting to know many of the talented colleagues at Jormuset, and with them I have further developed this important knowledge and dissemination company.

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He will also receive the Fisca post in the spring of 2022 by agreement.


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