Zuka appears in full swing – penalty miss – VG

Zuka appears in full swing - penalty miss - VG
Top Teams: Mats Zuccarillo provided assists in the goal-scoring game against the Colorado Avalanche in Denver on Monday night, Norwegian time.

(Colorado Avalanche-MN Wild 4-3 after penalty shootout) Mats Zuccarello lined up teammate Kirill Kaprizov with two superb passes to score. The first when the Minnesota Wilds star tied 2-2 in the third game – and the second when the Russian flipped 3-3 minutes before the end.

Thus, the Premier League thriller went to penalty shootouts after negative extra time that was limited to five minutes. Mats Zuccarello scored Minnesota’s first penalty, just a few inches from putting the puck in the net — but Colorado goalkeeper Pavel Francoz snatched it up to score.

Mikko Rantanen did it for the home team, and then Kirill Kaprizov missed. Wild had to run by one point, but avoided losses in normal playing time in the last four games.

Mats Zuccarello (34) Far Toxic Cursed After Freezing Minnesota Wilds 4-6 loss at 20 minus zero against the St. Louis Blues at home and away on Jan. 2 in Minneapolis. However, the match in front of 38,000 polar-clad fans should have been a turning point for the team for the only Norwegian player in the NHL.

– Yes, everyone was “angry”, confirmed Mats Zuccarello twincities.com Before tonight’s game in Denver.

Minnesota Wild came into the showdown against the curvaceous Colorado Avalanche with three straight victories following a cold shower two weeks ago. Last game against the Anaheim Ducks, who always beat Wild in their own right, from night into Sunday Norwegian time. NHL first team Espen “Shampo” Knutsen came off the ice with a score of 7-3, after two goals and a pass from Mats Zuccarello.

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Draw: Russian Minnesota Wilds star Kirill Kaprizov leveled barely 2-2 after seven minutes into the third period.

Kind of Zuka wreath cake topper. He scored his 150th regular season goal in the NHL, then his 151st.

In his last 17 games before the first fight in the NHL’s West Series Central Division, he scored eight goals and added 13 assists. That’s an astonishing 1.23 goal-points average per game. After 28 games in total, he stood with 11 goals and 19 goals: 1.07 on average.

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Zuccarello hairy goal: 1 goal point per match

However, the Colorado Avalanche were close to scoring their first goals on Monday morning in Denver. Twice. Nathan McKinnon hit the crossbar behind Capo Kahkkonen after eight and a half minutes. A few seconds later, the home team’s Mikko Rantanen hit the post to the left of his compatriot at the Minnesota Wilds goal.

Barely five minutes before the end of the first period, Minnesota Wild incurred two kicks on rap. In overtime, playing five against three, it took an avalanche of seconds to make the score 1-0. McKinnon fired a fierce shot, which turned into a goal-scoring pass to Rantanen – across the gauntlet behind Kahkonen.

When Wild got full, first-year NHL Alex Newhawk (20) made it 2-0.

Commentators thought it would have been 4-0 during the Vsport1 broadcast.

After 33 seconds of the second half, Swiss Kevin Viala (25) reduced the lead from a backhand to 1-2 behind Avalanche goalkeeper Darcy Comber. Suddenly there was an equal fight again. Mats Zukarilo’s Russian teammate Kirill Kaprizov was on the verge of equalizing, Wilde’s senior Jordan Greenway clipped Kuemper, Curtis McDermid responded from the avalanche with a knockout on Kuemper’s behalf – the Canadian had to go to the locker room on orders from the medical officer in the match.

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Czech Pavel Francoz had to replace Kuemper. Kahkonen prevented the avalanche by making it 3-1 in overtime playing five against four. In the final seconds of the second half, Francoz rebounded and stood in the way of 2-2. In other words, the canvas was for a stunning finish.

Things went exciting when Kirill Kaprizov’s 15th goal of the season equaled his ‘impossible to read’ pass from Mats Zuccarello – or the ‘eyes in the neck’ pass – his 20th scorer of the season. Nathan McKinnon was approved 3-2 after a very long video review by the judges, before Kirill Kaprizov appeared as a box dwarf in front of the avalanche goal – and scored after an impeccable “long pass” from Mats Zuccarello.

21 goals this season.

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