100 employees lose their jobs – Notre window factory in Hemnes closes – NRK Nordland

100 employees lose their jobs – Notre window factory in Hemnes closes – NRK Nordland

Notre Vindoor is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors in the country.

Now 100 of these have disappeared in the municipality of Hemnes. Measured against the population, this corresponds to about 17,000 jobs in Oslo.

–– This has been a demanding decision, but only because we experience a demanding market. We need to take some long-term measures to ensure the company’s competitiveness, says Kjetil Gjerdalen, product manager at Tovista, the parent company that owns Notre Dame.

Product Manager at Dovista, Kjetil Gjerdalen.

Photo: Lars-Peter Kalkenberg / NRK

According to Natre, the company employs 400 people. Natre also has factories in Gjøvik and Vatne.

100 jobs in Hemnesberget are now moving to the factory in Gjøvik.

– We will be dependent on investment for the future, and there is no way to invest in a dispersed production structure like we have today. So the board has decided to invest in smaller, bigger and more impactful units, Gjerdalen continues.

It was Newspaper Hemnes He was the first to announce the closure.

Sold factory in Trøndelag – jobs saved

On Monday, Dovista announced that they have sold their factory in Lian Vinduer, Kyrksæterøra, to Heim Holding. In this way, both the factory and workplaces survive.

– The result is that we have contributed to the establishment of a competitive business, but this was done on the basis of overall assessment and the possibility of saving many jobs. So I think it’s poor consolation for Hemnesberget who didn’t get that chance.

– Are there no interested parties in Hemnesberget?

– That is also not possible, because products currently produced in Hemnesberget must be produced in Gøvik and are not available for production by another actor.

He says Dovista is now actively making arrangements for other players to take over the building.

– We will go to great lengths to ensure the arrival of new players who will provide the basis for new jobs.

In 2006, Notre Dame became part of the Danish Dovista team.

On 1 June 2017, Natre Vinduer AS acquired all shares of Trenor Vinduer AS, a company from Hemnesberget since 1925.

Mayor: Drama for the municipality

Paul Asfag (Sp) is the mayor of a municipality of about 4,400 people. He describes it as a dramatic decision for the municipality.

– This is very sad and very dramatic for the municipality of Hemnes With just 4,000 people. We have already applied to become a restructured municipality.

His thoughts also go out to the employees who will lose their jobs.

Mayor Paul Asphaug (sp) in the municipality of Hemnes.

In the municipality of Hemnes, Mayor Paul Asbach (SP) says the closure is dramatic for the municipality.

Photo: Frank Nygaard / NRK

– We don’t have enough vacancies in the municipality, which can be solved easily, he tells NRK and continues:

– Some of them have bought houses, where some of the workers live with couples, others with health and care workers. I fear we are going to lose many of them in the future.

Still, the decision to close wasn’t a surprise to the mayor.

– It was a bit on the cards. The company may have struggled over time without my knowledge of the statistics. Fewer houses are being built and they lack transport support.

Hemnes municipality is located in Helgeland, and has a population of 4,400. About 1,200 of these people live in Hemnesberget, where the Natre factory is now located.

– What will happen in industrial conspiracy?

– We don’t have vacant industrial land in Hemnes, so of course we are interested in acquiring that area.

Received the Diversity Award

It’s been less than a year since Notre Vindoire in Hemnes was named “Diversity Business of the Year” for making better use of the expertise of immigrants.

An inclusive work life was highlighted when the award was presented. Now it could be the hinge on the door for window production at the Notre Dame department in Nordland.

NRK has tried to contact Kjetil Gjerdalen, the product manager at Dovista, but so far without success.

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