30,000 Ukrainian refugees pass through – V.G

30,000 Ukrainian refugees pass through - V.G

Norway has never had so many people in such a short time, says the Prime Minister. 20,000 refugees have settled in Norwegian municipalities.

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Prime Minister Jonas Karstor will address AUF’s national meeting in Oslo on Friday.

This comes after Storr has been prime minister for a year and a day – a period marked by electricity crises, pandemics, inflation and the war in Ukraine.

– Many say to me, “You are unlucky, Jonas.” But we don’t think so in our movement. We take responsibility. “But people are lucky because we’re in charge,” Storr said.

– Puts people down

War was an important theme for Storr in the speech. He believes he can change the world forever.

– Many countries are moving towards autocracy. The rights fought for are under pressure – abortion rights or gay rights, look at authoritarian leaders. “We’re really at a turning point in history: Putin and Russia, our neighbor, have gone to war against another neighbor, and they’re threatening to use nuclear weapons,” Storr said.

– The same politicians in Russia with whom we could make agreements ten years ago are now going to this war. “A regime that oppresses the people and wages a war of aggression,” Storr said.

Record number of refugees

He hinted that Norway could pass 30,000 refugees from Ukraine this weekend after the war began.

– This weekend or next week may be the day we send 30,000 Ukrainian refugees to Norway. We have never welcomed such a large number of people to Norway. More than 20,000 people live in municipalities and an effort has been made to do so.

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UDIs estimated already in March – a few weeks before the war – that 30,000 refugees could arrive from Ukraine by 2022.

This estimate has been revised up to 40,000 throughout the year.

– The end of Ukraine

Storr pointed out that Ukraine is now moving forward on the battlefield, but such conflicts must ultimately be resolved through negotiations.

– We must firmly adhere to the fact that even the most brutal conflicts must end at the negotiating table. Although such a solution is now far away, Storr said, Ukraine is fighting a battle for survival:

– What they say is: if Russia stops the war, the war is over. If Ukraine stops the war, that’s the end of Ukraine. That’s the battle they’re fighting, Storr said.


Storr also addressed Putin’s energy war against Europe, and said that while Norway may provide as much gas as possible in the short term, the long-term solution to Europe’s energy shortages requires Norway and other countries to accelerate development. Renewable energy.

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