Center, violent incident | Man stabbed in city center – two men flee scene

Center, violent incident |  Man stabbed in city center – two men flee scene

Following a report of a violent incident, the police were present in Mullargatta on Saturday evening.

– We are talking about a man who suffered a serious violent incident with a sharp object, operations manager Øyvind Hammervold tells Avisa Oslo.

At 21.45, task leader Torey Barstad confirmed the stabbing to NTB:

– Two men who were involved in a basket fight with another man stabbed him and then fled the scene, he says.

Burstad says they seized a knife.

The stabbing victim's injuries are serious, but not life-threatening.

– The person is conscious and under the supervision of health care workers, Hamervold says.

– We are now working to see if we can get witnesses at the scene and are looking for possible perpetrators, he added.

Police have little information about the culprits, but say the two who fled the scene are of North African appearance. They were seen running towards Dorkata in the direction of Bernd Angers Gate.

– We are certainly interested in contacting witnesses who have information about the case, Barstad tells NTB:

– We don't know if this incident took place inside the nightclub or in a nearby nightclub, but we believe the violent incident took place outside.

He stresses that it will take time to gather all the video evidence as a result of the number of nightclubs in the area.

Police cordoned off parts of the area outside Revolver nightclub just after 9 p.m. Also, the forensic department was at the scene.

After 15 minutes they lifted the blockade.

Just before 9:30 p.m., the man was taken to hospital for treatment, police said.

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Police said they believe the incident took place outside.

– The initial report was that the victim was sitting on a bench, with a warning that he might have moved, Hammervold says.

He also says that the search for the culprits has been completed.

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