Fraud attempt, fraud | Telenor warns of increasing phone fraud

Fraud attempt, fraud |  Telenor warns of increasing phone fraud

More and more people are experiencing a missed call, only to find out that the person did not call. Nearly half of call fraud cases happen this way, according to Telenor.

The method of fraud is called “spoofing”, where the fraudster hides behind a fake number, or one that belongs to another person, as he writes. The newspaper online.

In other words, you don't see the correct phone number of the caller.


– In the first quarter, the Norwegian company Telenor prevented 11.1 million fraud attempts, Telenor CIO Julie Hohr tells the newspaper.

People called often get a Norwegian phone number on the screen, but the scammers are usually based abroad. Using online tools or software, they change the number and country code.

– Many people find this very annoying, but it does not mean that your number has been hacked or stolen, Hæhre tells Nettavisen.

Do not provide information

However, she stresses that it is important not to give out personal information to callers, even if they claim to have solved a “problem.”

“They can say, for example, that they have detected an ongoing fraud attempt on your bank account, and that they should have your bank ID so they can stop it,” says Hæhre.

– Regardless of what is claimed in the inquiry, you must never provide personal information or card details. Also, never download anything on demand or give strangers access to your computer or the like.

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