Norwegian Strawberries: – Very promising

Norwegian Strawberries: – Very promising

BYNESET (Dagbladet): There are few things as delicious as finding a dessert bowl filled with strawberries and custard while sitting on a sunny wall in summer.

In many parts of the country, strawberry season is already in full swing.

However, hot and dry weather has created challenges in some parts of the country, where the season is short and intense. In many places, strawberries are now ripening much faster than usual, farmers may have challenges selling everything, and you can’t expect strawberries everywhere.

Fortunately, the situation is not bad across the country.

good news

– It looks very promising, blooms well and looks very nice in the fields, says strawberry farmer Olav Opland to Dagbladet.

At Opland Søndre farm in Byneset in Trondheim, about 20 km from the center of Trondheim, there are rows and rows of strawberry plants. Specifically, 150 acres of strawberries and 10 acres of raspberries.

Soon the harvest of the season’s berries will begin, and at least it will be a good season.

Opland says the season started well with dry and warm weather, before much cooler weather helped calm growth. Recently, however, Trendelák was able to enjoy the sun and heat again, which contributed to the normalization of the start of the season.

– Here it will be a normal start, so we can start the season on July 10.

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Trøndelag isn’t just for the strawberry farmers in Trøndelag, but Trønder berries are now readily available on the market.

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— Here the soil is somewhat heavier and the climate less favorable towards the fjord. This is a big advantage, because the Eastland season is often a little bit late at the end, so we don’t collide with it.

The season is starting to wind down in eastern Norway, and we are starting to get volume, because we send trunderberries to eastern Norway, and it is beneficial to have a little more here.

Quality: Friday's rainy weather in Trøndelag - although not too much - contributes to the strawberries being even better this year.  Photo: Henrik Einangschok / Dogbladet

Quality: Friday’s rainy weather in Trøndelag – although not too much – contributes to the strawberries being even better this year. Photo: Henrik Einangschok / Dogbladet
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While the season starts immediately now, the strawberry grower expects it to last until mid-August.

Then about 80 Lithuanians will come to Trøndelag to pick strawberries, which will be available in the next week.

– Filling up has never been so easy and quick. We have a Facebook group where we promote it in Lithuania and it has never been so quick to fill up.

In addition, about ten young Norwegians are employed to help sell the delicious trønderberries.

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