5 migrations with Rom that will surprise them

5 migrations with Rom that will surprise them

Do you have friends who are chemists and don’t know what to know? What are some amazing recipes with rum? No, not referring to the cocktail! I don’t think there can be so much great stuff in some product, providing a delicious scent. Get more food and know that you can surprise everyone in the end!

1. Check out the banana, cheese and rum

This read is intended for a long time, but honestly, I’m not in the realm of “not” cute, good cat is! Anyone can re-read the classic check, as the addition of a somewhat banana has crushed, red, curly hairs (heard or not) and hits the RAM. It is recommended not to add extra sugar, as bananas and dates are already very sweet, but it still helps.

2. Taste the gold with rum

Unfortunately, not everyone has a classic scent with the smell of a laptop backup. With a filling, it can be elaborate and integrated into the composition. Strong orizole with juice, add vanilla, almond and orange essence, then add more real rum. Dear, be sure that your passion will not lead to what if the service is over!

3. Cioccolata calda with rum

Well, you can find hot chocolate through the copy, without having to compare it to leave with what you can prepare alone/same. You need milk, cocoa, a little sugar and additives in your trade, and My Mold Rum! Point: After being dried, this is absolutely perfect with aromatherapy, no matter how brown or brown it is. Now, there is no desert, and we cannot leave it and return to it!

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4. Yellow from chocolate with rum

To be able to recycle, you can cut the biscuits all the way to the end. Place the copper cream, sugar, almonds and a little instant coffee in a blender together room De qualité db altex.ro. Add the hot chocolate and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours until it is ready. After it hardens, shape the pasta obtained into a ball and place it in the refrigerator. Optionally, you can add more cookies, never ending, to get more desert texture.

5. Forsecuri room

A large desert that is very popular at many times in many places and is equipped with rooms. To have this deliciousness, it may be possible to say that everything related to food is at your fingertips and it can be a plus. With all of these things being said, we do not recommend mixing chocolate, chocolate yogurt, or any other food that contains crunchy chocolate. However, you may be able to reset your location yourself.

Could this be the case then? With a romantic theme in the kitchen, focus on the best information for you and your family or your family. If you have a drink of rum, you can combine this drink with another cocktail with the same bitch, and the success of the hunt and its removal is guaranteed.

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