Charlotte Calla, Cross Country | Charlotte Calla received an apology after the shocking incident: – Right and right

Charlotte Calla, Cross Country |  Charlotte Calla received an apology after the shocking incident: – Right and right

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“He grabbed my face, grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. He really surprised me. What I had been involved in live in front of an audience of millions was outrageous and reprehensible. My integrity had taken a huge hit and I thought: ‘Oh my God, this hurts.’

This is what Kala wrote in the book “Skam den som ger sig”, which was released on Tuesday.

The incident described by the former cross-country runner occurred at the sport’s gala in Stockholm in 2008. Kalla’s thoughts on the whole matter were not publicly known until now. It made headlines in a number of newspapers and caused a stir in Sweden.

He chose to forgive

Presented by Kala was Peter Sittman, who was then a new addition to the Swedish audience. Sitman immediately came out after the book’s release on Tuesday and apologized for the whole matter. 15 years after the event.

Later on Tuesday, Netavsen spoke with the Swedish ski star by phone. In the background there was the sound of a baby crying for the son born this summer. Kala was able to tell that she had received Steman’s apology.

– It is right and proper that we receive an apology. “I forgive him,” she said on the phone from Sweden.

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Although the incident made a number of headlines, it wasn’t the story Calla was most nervous about sharing in her new book. But she realizes that what happened caused an uproar.

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– I wasn’t prepared at all. He grabbed me and kissed me. I was shocked and thousands of thoughts ran through my head. Most people expected me to laugh, but I ended up feeling like I did something embarrassing to myself. Today this would never happen, but that doesn’t detract from the experience.

Lays flat

Settman is a well-known presenter and actor in Sweden. He apologized through SVT when the book was published.

– It is very sad to live it this way, or to live it this way. He told the Swedish TV channel that this was not the intention at all.

He also points out that he did not kiss Kala on the mouth, but on the hand. Sitman realizes that a lot has happened since the unfortunate kiss in 2008.

– It’s been 15 years. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is a long time, purely culturally. I think now I would have thought differently when I improvised. I think I’ve gotten over that. This is not funny today.

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Share more little-known stories

Sittmann’s incident, which happened by chance when Kala was 20, after winning a ski race, is among many little-known stories that appear in the book.

Among other things, she mentioned eating problems, fear of not being able to have children, and menopause.

– I had to constantly ask myself: Do I need to share this? “I asked myself the question: ‘Will this help anyone else?'” Kala tells Netavisen.

As is known, the Swedish cross-country star retired in 2022. She has since given birth to a son, and has now published a book.

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