71 degrees north, Agnet Hosseini

71 degrees north, Agnet Hosseini

Agnete Huseby hyperventilates with pain. You can’t see this on TV.

note! Spoiler: The box contains details about upcoming events at “71°N – Norway’s Strongest Celebrity”.

Watch the video! So, Agnete Huseby (25) breaks down in pain:

It was a dramatic ending to Sunday’s episode of «71 degrees N – the harshest celebrity in Norway» When Agnete Huseby (25 years old) became hyperventilated due to pain.

Completely out of the blue relative to the other participants, Huseby burst into tears and was forced to take a break. She stays on her left shoulder and describes an excruciating pain she can’t describe. She helps her teammates with her backpack, before everything escalates.

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Sitting on the floor, Hosby yearns to breathe, but before anything else happens, scrolling text appears on the screen for TV viewers.

Huseby can reveal to Nettavisen that the pain hasn’t gone away, and that this production must eventually intervene. She says she was picked up on a snowmobile and taken to the emergency room.

Watch the full interview with Agnet Hasbi and what caused the pain in the video above the case!

It remains to be seen how Huseby’s participation in the competition will continue.

However, Discovery’s press contact, Marianne Ambo, can say that Hossebe’s production has been well taken care of.

Agnett had severe shoulder pain while skiing. We have a female doctor on all trips and she has been carefully checked and looked after. Then the next episode will show how it went, Ambo tells Netavizen.

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“71°N – Norway’s Strongest Celebrity” is broadcast on TVNorge on Sundays at 20:30 and on the Discovery+ livestreaming service.

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