A Danish artist delivered blank canvases: now he has to pay back 775,000 Norwegian kroner

A Danish artist delivered blank canvases: now he has to pay back 775,000 Norwegian kroner

The artwork “Take the Money and Run” was not to everyone’s taste. Especially in the Konsten Museum in Aalborg. Now the year-long legal dispute is over.


Artist Jens Hanning’s grand plan to “take the money and run” did not work out as planned.

The museum in the Danish city is demanding compensation of half a million Danish kroner, equivalent to 775 thousand Norwegian kroner.

After a long legal dispute between the artist and the museum, the local court in Copenhagen ordered the artist to return the money, according to reports. BBC.

According to the artwork, Danish Radio It consists of two glass frames with banknotes. Money loaned by the museum to the artist was to be part of the painting.

However, this will not happen. Instead, the Konstin Museum received in return the phrase “Take the money and run”, without the money.

The artwork will be on display at the museum in 2021 and the first part of 2022.

– The artwork is that half a million is missing, Hanning previously told Danish P1 Morgen in 2021 about the background of his stunts.

He then made it clear that he would not return the money, according to Dr.

– No, I won’t do that. The business is that I took their money.

The director of the museum in Aalborg, Lasse Anderson, admitted to Radio Danske that Hanning had created an “interesting” work of art.

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– Jens should have it, a work has already been created that comments on the exhibition we have. But that’s not the deal we made.


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