A girl is seriously injured after being stabbed on an open street in Gothenburg

A girl is seriously injured after being stabbed on an open street in Gothenburg
Child stabbed: A ten-year-old girl was stabbed by a man in his 30s in central Gothenburg on Thursday.

The girl was in town with her grandparents when she was stabbed in Brunsparken in Gothenburg at 1pm on Monday. A man in his 30s unrelated to the girl was arrested and charged with attempted murder.


The ten-year-old girl is said to have been stabbed in the throat and stomach. Police stated that the girl is in hospital and her condition is critical but stable.

The girl was in the garden with her grandmother and grandfather. The grandmother, a woman in her mid-60s, sustained injuries to her arm when she tried to protect her grandson. She was also taken to the hospital, but without serious injuries.

unknown relationship

A man in his mid-30s was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The police have no information that the man may have had a relationship with the injured person. Police interviewed several witnesses at the scene Thursday afternoon.

It was the witnesses of the accident who intervened and stopped the man.

– The passing youths must have put the perpetrator down before the security guards intervened. There was also a police officer in the area who intervened in the incident, says police spokesman Thomas Foxborg.

It is not known what was the motive behind the knife attack.

TRACK: A police officer secures traces at the scene where a girl was stabbed and seriously injured in Gothenburg on Thursday.

Many witnesses

– We have closed the entire park and nearby bus and tram stops. There were a lot of people at the scene, both police and people. We’ve begun to cross-examine witnesses, and there are many who saw what happened, Foxborg says.

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According to the police, a knife was used in the attack, but they did not release more details about the weapon.

The suspect will be questioned by the police. There are currently no suspects of further perpetrators.


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