March 23, 2023


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Apartment fire in Oslo

A fire broke out in a fourth-floor apartment in the center of Oslo. The fire department rushed to the spot with 9 vehicles and 24 people.

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– We’re getting there. The fire is coming from an apartment on the fourth floor. We have started extinguishing and evacuation is in progress. It is unknown if the residence is currently occupied. The first caller lived in the apartment, Rune Eldstad, supervisor of the Oslo Fire Service, told VG at 17.51.

13 minutes later, Oslo 110 writes on Twitter that some of the fire on the fourth floor has been extinguished, but they have no control over the fire.

– Risk of continued transmission. The fire service writes that we are on scene with nine cars and 24 personnel.

Police in Oslo reported on Twitter at 17:50 that a fire broke out in a building in the center of Oslo city.

– Flames and smoke were reported from an apartment on the fourth floor. Many people have left the building. At 5.53 pm, the police informed that the fire has not been brought under control till now.

– Flames shooting from a window, police write at 5.57pm.

On Twitter, Oslo 110 is encouraging residents in the area to close windows and turn off ventilation systems.

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