A large amount of snow in the mountains: – it is constantly pouring

A large amount of snow in the mountains: – it is constantly pouring

Last winter was a record snowfall. But snow and difficult skiing conditions are now reported on the mountain.

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– In 48 hours there was almost 90 centimeters of fresh, dry powder snow, what we skiers call “Japan-dry” snow. It’s so fluffy and nice, totally wild to drive in. It was the hardest skiing I can remember, says Richard Taraldsson, general manager of Destinasjön Hemstedal and the Hemstedal Tourist Office.

He was sitting in the car on his way down from the Alpine resort on Monday evening and was talking to Viji.

– It’s snowing. We expect 25 to 35 centimeters in the next 48 hours. The temperature is at zero degrees now, but I’m sure it will be colder and there will be more dry snow.

After a bad winter, record snow is extra tasty, he admits.

– Norway had less snowfall in many places last year. We should also not forget that the Corona restrictions were in place until February 12, 2022.

External magazine Free flow He wrote earlier on Monday, among other places, that there are many signs that Hemsedal’s conditions are headed straight for the history books.

– People who have been at Hemsedal longer than me say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever experienced, free rider Ole Christian Strom from Hemsedal. Free flow.

Line and line: Monday evening Hemsedal.

In Hemsedal, a 100-year-old record was broken at the weekend, according to Richard Daroldson of the tourist office.

– On Holdo measuring station At Hemsedal, 655 meters above sea level, measurements have been taken since 1879. Snow falls at this time for more than 100 years. Measurements on Sunday, January 8 showed a snow depth of 115 centimeters. 117 cm on the same date in 1977. He says it was in Lykja, 300 meters higher than Holdo in Hemsedal.

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Large amounts: In two days, 70 to 90 centimeters of snow fell on Kvitfjell.

– Powder alarm

Powder alarm sounds at Hafjell and Kvitfjell.

– Totally crazy now. No such amounts are remembered. Veslemøy Eineteig Wedum, communications manager at Alpinco, says that we received between 70 and 90 centimeters last week in Kvitfjell.

She writes to VG that on Monday it is plus degrees at the bottom of the slopes, but snow is falling on the mountains. Cooler degrees are expected later in the week.

The Alpinco reminds us of the dangers of snow.

– The danger level is now three and the risk of avalanches is out of bounds on the entire mountain here. Don’t drive on steep and avalanche-prone terrain — and don’t drive alone outside prepared tracks, Alpinco general manager Odd Stensrud says in a news release.

More than a meter in the tricycle

Drizzle has more than a meter of snow on the mountain and nearly 80 centimeters below the facility.

– Generally good conditions throughout the ski resort. There is a lack of snow on some slopes, especially where there is only natural snow, says Gudrun Sanager Löhne, destination manager at Skistar Trisil.

More than expected: 150 mm of rain is expected in southern Norway on Monday. It actually came a little more in the Far East of Rogaland. Oakwood 170.9 mm from Tuesday to Sunday.

– More than normal

Siri Viberg, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says there is more snow than usual in the east. Water level.

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– In many parts of eastern Norway and southern Norway, there is also more snow than normal in low-lying areas. Ski resorts such as Uvdal, Rjukan, Tokke, Drangedal, Hemsedal, Kvitfjell and Hafjell have high snowfall. West of Keilo, however, she says it’s normal and points to an available snow depth map senorge.no.

The map shows large dark blue fields in Aktor and large areas of eastern Norway. That means more than 300 percent more snow than the average for the years 1991 to 2020.

Meteorologist Wiberg emphasizes that they do not take physical measurements everywhere, and that the map is a calculation of various actual measurements reported daily at seven o’clock. Based on these, among others, snow depth is estimated.

SNØFOKK WARNING: From Tuesday evening to Wednesday afternoon, a local snow front due to snow and strong winds is expected in the mountains in southern Norway. Convoys can be introduced and roads can be closed at short notice.

– Too much snow

– Will the powder conditions last?

– A few rounds of wind and rain are expected over the next few days. We expect rain in low-lying areas, probably less than 500 meters, with a slightly higher limit in eastern and southern Norway and the north of eastern Norway, says Siri Viberg.

He says the snow will fill up at high altitudes.

– but there will be no fresh snow chaos. The weatherman says that there will be snow in the hills from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.

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