Nav Trondheim will offer its own benefit to young people – NRK Trøndelag – local news, TV and radio

Nav Trondheim will offer its own benefit to young people – NRK Trøndelag – local news, TV and radio

Nav Trondheim is working on the “A simpler Nav” project, which has previously been compared to the concept of a citizen's salary.

Borgerløn, also known as Guaranteed Basic Income, is paid by the government to citizens without any reservations.

– It would not be a “salary” or a “citizen's salary” without requirements for the recipients, says Unni Valla Skevik, head of Now Balkanborg.

Nevertheless, this scheme has a certain similarity with the citizen's wage.

The proposal is for young people under 30 who are not in education or work to submit just one application, instead of applying for multiple support schemes with different conditions.

The amount paid should be sufficient for the youth to live on. They follow the plan and actions of the tongue.

This is the first time such a project has been attempted in Norway.

– The most important thing for us when young people come to Tonga is to help them get into work or education. Then it is important that we clean up the benefits.

Now Lerkendal's manager Solvie Margrethe Dalen says.

The president of Nav Lerkendal, Sølvi Margrethe Dahlen, believes that it is important to clean up Nav's benefits.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Curved road

Jørgen Evensen (32) has been unemployed for a year and a half and has just completed his first year of training.

He says the road to where he is now has been rough.

– I visited unemployment benefits before starting my internship, says Evenson.

But when he started his internship, he was on the job and could no longer receive unemployment benefits.

– Then I had to apply for a qualifying program. As it might take some time, I also had to apply for metering money so I got something during the waiting period.

When Evensen received the measurement money, it turned out to be too small.

– So while I'm still waiting for a response to the first application I sent, I had to apply for social assistance again on top of that.

Jørgen Evenson is delighted to have simplified Na's payments

Jørgen Evensen says the road to where he is now has been tough.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Most important thing in life

In a financially vulnerable situation, Evenson says, regardless of where you are or what you're doing, you're only thinking about finances.

– Money is the most important thing in life. You only think about how things should go. Finance is always on the mind.

– It must have been years ago. “Et sommerier Nav” says Evenson of the project, “It's odd that they're only now thinking about it.”

Despite the difficult path Evenson had to follow, he managed to make a good everyday life.

– It's going well now. I am a plumber by trade and I am going to be a father in May. It ended well in the end, but it took its toll, Evensen says.

Congratulations on the project

Mimir Kristjansson (R), a storage representative, is very positive about Now Trondheim's plan.

– Initially, people were skeptical about “citizen salary”, but we think that this project is very positive.

Kristjansson points out that the system used so far has not worked, and believes it is important to rethink.

– When you are sick and need benefits, such a safe provision without a diagnostic process can be positive, he says and continues:

– But it is important that, as in the beginning, the benefit is not less than what the target group receives nowThe amount is incredibly small.

Mimir Kristjansson

Rødt politician, Mímir Kristjánsson, cheers the project “A simpler hub”.

Photo: Truls Dydland

Kristjansson believes a more faith-based strategy will benefit everyone.

– It saves man-years and a lot of work by consolidating the benefits, and the target group doesn't have to hunt for diagnoses to get help.

Do not prove disease

The plan is that there will still be a need for a program and activities in collaboration with Now and other aid agencies for those eligible to benefit from the scheme.

Many young people today end up on Workforce Allowance and want to reduce their focus on health challenges in the scheme.

– Skevik says that the first thing you should do when you need help is document how sick you are, unfortunately.

Now Balkanborg's leader, Unni Valla Skevik

Unni Valla Skevik, head of Now Balkanborg, hopes that the project will help increase safety for young people who fall outside.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

He believes that a small focus on health care and improvements in financial aid will create more protection for young people who fall out.

– Today there are various benefits with various conditions. This creates both uncertainty and frustration, Skevik says:

– An uncertain economy affects your entire life. If we receive funding early, recipients can focus on the way forward.

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