A patent reveals Apple's genius goal

A patent reveals Apple's genius goal

Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software development, has put his name to the new name Patented Leading to the development of “global control”.

It can further enhance sales

The advantage of this technology is that you can transfer files across devices, whether Mac or iPad, and use keyboards and touch surfaces across devices. The feature is great for those who have multiple Apple products, and now they will entice more people to buy more Apple gadgets.

The Windows world doesn't have support yet, but now it's coming from companies like Lenovo and Motorola who are collaborating on similar functionality.

The new patentContinuity of applications across devices“, takes the concept further as operating systems realize that device Or iPadOS automatically opens the Email and Message app and seamlessly allows the user to continue a sentence on the full keyboard.

“It would be useful if the user could move from one device to another, for example, going from reading an email on one device to writing a response on another, in a seamless and cognitively continuous manner,” Apple explains in the patent. Which also describes that it may be possible to extend battery life somewhat: “Furthermore, these technologies can reduce processor and battery power being wasted on redundant user inputs.”

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