Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden | Biden increased his tone: He gave Israel an ultimatum

Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden |  Biden increased his tone: He gave Israel an ultimatum

North Carolina, USA (Netavisen): US President Joe Biden spoke on Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone.

Unacceptable situation

The message President Netanyahu is sending is that attacks on humanitarian organizations are unacceptable. Seven aid workers were killed in Gaza as a result of an Israeli air strike on Monday. Biden also said the humanitarian situation in Gaza is unacceptable.

Biden is said to be frustrated and has sharpened his tone as a result. Now the United States is demanding action.

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The United States has asked Israel to allow a significant increase in aid to the Gaza Strip within “hours or days.” This is what John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said.

“What we want and hope to see in the coming hours and days is a significant increase in humanitarian aid arriving,” Kirby said Thursday at a press conference.

He also called for opening more border crossings into Gaza and reducing violence against civilians and aid workers.

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Warns of changes

It also came with a warning. US policy towards Israel may change if the country does not take immediate action to secure civilians and aid workers in the Gaza Strip.

Kirby asserts that Biden's rising tone was the result of growing American frustration unleashed by Netanyahu.

At the same time, the spokesman emphasized that US support for Israeli self-defense is unwavering.

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– They face a number of threats, and the United States will not leave them in trouble.

President Biden has been criticized for his handling of the war in the Middle East. American Muslims helped Biden win the 2020 presidential election. But US military support for Israel, while tens of thousands of civilians are dying in Gaza, has led more voters to turn their backs on Biden and the Democratic Party.

We will punish Biden by making him a “one-term president,” Khaled Tourani told ABC News.

If so, this means Trump wins.

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