Pizza Shack: – Really disgusting

Pizza Shack: – Really disgusting

– We all got a little nauseous.

It's Easter, and Stein Marie Nordtweed and the man's parents want to visit him and enjoy homemade pizza.

Things didn't go as they planned.

Stine's husband bought various fillings for the pizza, including a pack of ground beef from Pep's.

Chicken Shock:- Oh no!

– Really disgusting

– The mother-in-law opened the package and found it hidden there. Fortunately, we haven't started putting any filling in yet, Nordtveit tells Dagbladet.

Hidden in the package was some sort of hair, fur, or something from rope.

– I don't know what it is, fur or hair? Either way, it's pretty disgusting, says Stein Marie Nordtweed Bergen's newspaperHe was the first to mention the case.

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Nordtveit says both the sauce they bought and some of the other fillings come from Pepe's.

– I thought, “Well, things like that end up in packages?”, he says, and it made me ask questions about Peppus' practices.

Peppes asked Nordtveit to send the package and its contents so they could find out what it was and, if possible, how it ended up in the package. Read Peppus' full response below the case.

Disgusting: Stein Marie Nordtweed says she'll never buy pizza toppings from Pepe's again.  Photo: Private

Disgusting: Stein Marie Nordtweed says she'll never buy pizza toppings from Pepe's again. Photo: Private
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He says it's too far to go to the store, so it's not worth going back to buy a new refill.

It was still going to be pizza, and the family found various toppings from the fridge that were filling.

– We all lost a bit of appetite, but it was pizza, says Nordtveit.

After the incident, she posted a picture of a batch of beef slices on Pepe's Facebook page, where she asked them to contact her directly.

– We got a reply from Peppus apologizing and saying that they have strict hygiene procedures, but this could happen by mistake anyway.

- Creates anxiety

– Creates anxiety


Peppus has yet to give Nordhwaite an answer as to what “hair rust” is and where it comes from.

She tells PA that she will probably never buy refills from Peppus again.

Peppes' communications manager, Sofie Oraug-Rygh, tells Dagbladet that they take such inquiries seriously.

– Oraug-Rygh says that we have asked consumers to send in foreign material so we can investigate what it is and how it ended up.

Until they have the foreign body, they can't unravel what happened to it.

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