A reliable source confirms what we fear about the iPhone 15

A reliable source confirms what we fear about the iPhone 15

Apple expects to sell about the same number (but maybe a little less) of the iPhone 15 as the iPhone 14, about 85 million units.

Updated, 2:28 PM:

We have another small rumor and the first thing we’ve heard about the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra: it’ll be lighter than the first-generation, at 61.3 grams.

All models can be NOK 600 more expensive

Also, Bloomberg’s reporting on this matter is based on a rumor we heard about in March. iPhone 15 Pro may cost NOK 14,600: “According to Pu, Apple will have to charge more for this year’s Pro models due to the use of titanium, new soft buttons, possibly a larger battery, faster CPU, and a periscope for much better zoom in the Max model. Both the 2024 Pro and Max are expected to get improved zoom with the same or upgraded technology. It is common to increase the price of these products by NOK 600.”

Earlier this month, it was also rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro series would start with 256GB of storage so Apple could easily defend the price increase:

It is rumored tonight that the iPhone 15 Pro will start with 256GB of storage. The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro 128GB costs 13,990 NOK. The 15 Pro with up to 1TB of storage can be had for 20,690 NOK. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the same storage cap, and also starts with 128GB of storage, but due to the larger screen, it costs from 15,490. NOK. The question now is whether prices will rise further.”

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Would you buy the iPhone 15 Pro if it turned out like this?

It may also become more difficult to obtain

Among the improvements in the Pro model, we find a titanium body, improved optical zoom in the Pro Max model and USB C. Furthermore, all models, whether Pro or not, are expected to have a “Dynamic Island” (something that could be used to defend the more expensive entry-level models.) What Apple will focus on for the Pro models in order to functionally differentiate them from the 15 series, we’re not sure goes beyond improved and narrow zoom.

Speaking of narrower bezels: Apple’s panel partner LG Display appears to be struggling to produce the new panels, which in turn could mean it will be more difficult than usual to buy the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max right after launch.

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