Ukraine, Russia | Here, the drone crashed 200 meters from the NATO country

Ukraine, Russia |  Here, the drone crashed 200 meters from the NATO country

On Monday night, it struck again in the Odessa region, at port facilities in the cities of Izmail and Reni, both of which are located along the Danube.

Iranian-made drones are said to have been used in the attacks.

– As a result of the bombing, a grain warehouse was destroyed. A statement issued by the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that tanks for storing other types of cargo were damaged.

Preliminary information indicates that four workers were injured. Three drones are said to have been shot down.

The attack required great precision. The two cities are located just 200 meters from Romania, a NATO country. The Danube River forms the border between the two countries.

– This is the closest meeting recorded since the beginning of the war, reports journalist Andrea Georgescu to the Romanian online newspaper Digi24.

Watch videos of the attack here:

– We are talking about a distance of about 200 meters, the journalist adds.

– This is absolutely insane, says the Danish analyst and security expert Oliver Alexander.

– They use “Shahid” (Iranian drones, ed.’s note) then. I think they trust the accuracy of Iran’s $25,000 drones more than the accuracy of their multimillion-dollar missiles, he adds.

The Romanian president also condemns the attacks:

– I strongly condemn the recent Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure on the Danube River, which is very close to Romania. This latest escalation poses a serious threat to the security of the Black Sea. As President Klaus Iohannis wrote on Twitter, it also affects the transportation of Ukrainian grain and, accordingly, global food security.

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Article 5

The central clause of the Atlantic Charter is Article 5, which states that an armed attack against one or more NATO countries is an attack against all.

Russia has not yet attacked any NATO country during its war against Ukraine. A missile that hit Poland last November was initially described by several news agencies as Russian, but it was later reported that a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile was on its way.

At the time, Stoltenberg was clear that Russia was responsible for the attack.

Our preliminary analyzes indicate that this may have been a Ukrainian missile launched to protect Ukrainian territory, Stoltenberg said during a news conference after the incident.

– Let me be clear: This is not Ukraine’s fault, Russia must take full responsibility as they continue their illegal war, he added.

A Soviet-era drone crashed in Croatia in March, but it also survived It is believed that he is Ukrainian.

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grain attack

Russian attacks on the Odessa region escalated after the Russians withdrew last week from the agreement that ensured the safe export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea. Authorities in Russia say they will consider all ships bound for Ukrainian grain ports as military targets.

In the annexed Crimea, an ammunition depot was said to have been hit in a Ukrainian drone attack on Monday night. Pro-Russian authorities on the peninsula say 11 drones have either been shot down or ground down by electronic warfare.

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