– Embarrassing – NRK Culture and Entertainment

– Embarrassing – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Last week, the UK held its first global summit on artificial intelligence. 27 countries participated in the meeting in addition to the European Union.

There were also a number of notable tech figures like OpenAI CEO Sam Altmann, X CEO Elon Musk and CTO. Google DeepMindDemis Hassabis.

US Vice President Kamala Harris and European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen also attended.

But Norway was not invited. No other Nordic country has done so List of participants.

– I think it’s embarrassing. “It’s embarrassing because we have a goal in Norway to be relevant in this field,” says KI Professor and Department Head Maria Slavkovic at the University of Bergen (UiB).

Surprised: Professor Marija Slavkovic from UiB says she was surprised to discover that neither Norway nor any of the other Nordic countries were on the list of summit participants in Great Britain.

Photo: Ragnar Rörnes. Bergen Public Library

Slavkovic believes that Norway has a long way to go if we are to come close to achieving this goal.

– People in Norwegian society are highly technologically competent and already use a lot of AI technology. In addition, I believe we have the ability and knowledge to become leaders when it comes to developing artificial intelligence services, says the professor.

It was the topic of the meeting Security challenges Associated with KI. Slavkovic believes that there is a danger that Norwegian interests will be neglected when designing international regulation.

Kamala Harris at the AI ​​Safety Summit, 2023

Present: US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

-It would be a shame if we became a developing country within KI

The professor is supported by KI researcher Inga Strömke.

– How will we ensure that Norwegian interests are represented when we are not even represented in international negotiations on regulation? “There’s no one else looking out for us,” says Strömke.

She points out that other Nordic countries, with the exception of Iceland, participate in these decision-making processes because they are members of the European Union.

Elon Musk at the AI ​​Safety Summit

X at the venue: Guests of honor invited by Rishi Sunak include X boss Elon Musk.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

Strömke thinks it is a shame that Norway was not invited, but he believes we have a lot to do if we want to make our mark on this field at international level.

-We have strong professional AI environments in Norway. However, I cannot stress enough how backward we are when it comes to regulation and supervision. She says it would be a real shame if we became a developing country in Ki.

Statement on Artificial Intelligence Security

During the summit, the United Kingdom was joined by the European Union and the 27 countries that co-signed a declaration that will strengthen global cooperation in the field of security related to artificial intelligence.

The main points of the declaration are to expose the risks of artificial intelligence, increase scientific understanding, and build policies to reduce the risks.

China and the United States were among the countries that signed the declaration.

He’s been named Bletchley Declaration Because the summit was held in Bletchley Park, north London – the site that was once home to code-breaking during World War II.

Bletchley Park

Historic Sites: It is no coincidence that the summit was added to Bletchley Park. Much of the most important code-breaking operations during World War II took place here. Among them was Alan Turing.

Photo: AP

– Alex Moltsau says Norway has clear potential for improvement here.

He is a policy advisor at NORA.ai, a body that brings together many researchers and organizations working in the field of artificial intelligence in Norway.

– If we want social democratic values ​​to be reflected in international regulation of artificial intelligence, we must leave our mark more strongly and chart a common path, Moltzau continues.

Distinguish artificial intelligence

Morten Goodwin, KI professor at the University of Agder (UiA), believes that the participation of only a few countries in the British summit is a big problem.

– Yes, it’s a big problem. It’s important to have different backgrounds.

During the meeting, one also landed an agreement This gives certain countries the opportunity to test new artificial intelligence technology before putting it on the market.

This can create challenges, Goodwin says.

– It is a challenge as some are allowed to test it and provide feedback while others are not. Then it will be their view of what is safe and correct that will quickly become applicable, he says.

Busy putting Norway on the map

There were only certain countries, Minister for Digitalization and Administration Karianne Tong told NRK. In addition to the European Commission, which was invited to the summit.

At the same time as a summit in Great Britain, there was a Nordic Council here in Oslo. There, all the Nordic prime ministers agreed to start intensive work to investigate how AI will affect democracy.

Norway already works closely in international forums where regulation and responsible use of AI are discussed. This is the work I want to advance, precisely because artificial intelligence and new technology development cross borders. Whether when it comes to sectors or national borders. We have to see this in context, says Tong.

Minister for Digitalization and Administration Karianne Olderness Tong

Not invited: Norwegian Digitalization Minister Karian Tong (AFP) did not receive an invitation to the AI ​​Summit.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solom/NTB

Critics believe that Norway was not invited to the summit because we are lagging behind. What do you think that?

None of the Nordic countries were invited. At the same time, the establishment of the Ministry of Digitalization and Management is a recognition that we need more strength, coordination and political management of digitalization policy, and I am keen to put Norway on the map for further development.

The minister is not as critical of the agreement on testing new artificial intelligence technology as Goodwin.

The more these models are tested, the more positive they are. Especially when it comes to leading environments within KI. This will be positive for us, and will lead to more transparency and research around the models. At the same time, we are making sure that the models fit both the Norwegian language and culture in parallel, so that they are the best possible tool for us here at home.

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