A study to fulfill the health care system requirements of bureaucracy and oversight

A study to fulfill the health care system requirements of bureaucracy and oversight

Discussion ● Adam yes

After four years of professional studies in psychology, I don’t even know what treatment, consciousness, mental illness, society, thoughts and feelings are.

If we do not learn to think freely and independently, what will prevent us from committing the many possible institutional abuses that the history of psychiatry is full of, says Adam Ngo.

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I have it now I completed four out of six years of professional studies in Psychology at the University of Oslo, and I must say that the feeling I left was one of disillusionment and disappointment.

The study works, too I am particularly theory-laden, repetitive, and also characterized by dogmas that no one challenges. Each subject has syllabus lists of many thousands of pages, although everyone knows that no one reads it all.

work in The reason is more as if the syllabus lists are used to indicate internally in the department which areas are important, rather than focusing on the student’s actual learning.

when is he coming For academic content, a particularly narrow range of philosophical viewpoints is presented and there is little scope for introducing other viewpoints. We don’t really have a basic education in metaphysics, epistemology, phenomenology, and ethics, but mostly work on some form of implicit logical positivism and have no systematic ethics.

We are the closest Such basic problems have come as an introduction to the method, and a superficial introduction to exphil. This makes a very thin topic in scientific theory.

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Stavanger University

Finally no for professional studies in Psychology in Stavanger

That’s how it is I have come to the conclusion that after four years of studying psychology I can say with my hand on my heart that I do not know what a “self” is. This concept, which is the most central theme of our topic, I don’t know what it is. I don’t even know what treatment, consciousness, mental illness, society, thoughts and feelings are.

These words are used Certainly a lot in both books, teaching, and talks by both professors and students, as words are often used to denote different things. In this way, it can naturally be thought that only I, through lack of effort or lack of ability, do not understand, but I find it more difficult to use these terms when I do not know what they are.

My lack of understanding Not only about what we talk about, but also why we value and act the way we do. For example, I don’t understand why it is appropriate to diagnose all possible cases and what role this plays in our current management mindset. Nor do I understand why mental disorders “must” be removed, when we have no basic idea of ​​what the good life is.

when is he coming For the study itself, there are also a lot of things that I struggle to understand. I find it odd that so much teaching is organized around a teacher speaking “into” the student, and how I don’t remember really asking what I mean or think.

We have approx There is no academic freedom, no room for free-thinking, and most “student active” forms of learning are a role-playing game in which the student is active in name only. In addition, I also find it difficult to understand the extensive use of compulsory education. It amazes me that if it is necessary to compel students to attend, with the threat of expulsion from the course, that it is probably the teaching that bears the responsibility and not the student.

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Discussion ● Sven Stollen

UiO is investing in the south, inland, and in Kjeller

for not He stated that the quality of educational change work must also be poor, when the starting point lies in such overt coercion.

More fins I also find it very difficult to understand how political views are never brought up as the main topic, but are only mentioned in passing. The reality of a dysfunctional, partially managed public mental health system and lack of funding was not mentioned throughout the study, as if academic practice could be politically neutral.

Because the truth Instead, today’s public mental health system is a huge machine, which alternately produces diagnoses, rejection letters, and half-healthy patients. A mechanism in which both patients and psychologists are turned into cogwheels, each with its own place and definition.

This is how it works To me, the study was conceived in such a way as to fulfill the health care system’s demands for bureaucracy and oversight, rather than good professionalism, insight, and authentic ethics. A method that focuses more on identifying that students have “learned” a sandwich list of things, rather than on what they have already learned, how they develop their own independent deep understanding and what they are thinking. The emphasis it must be said is strange, as is our deep independent understanding that we will meet people, not facts about theories and models.

in all It seems to me that the psychology department is more interested in marketing itself, doing research, doing professional competition, and producing as many credits as possible. The result is a superficial, narrow, authoritarian, and repetitive study, which ignores its philosophical foundations as well as its many political implications.

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This orientation In no way can it be called anything other than disappointing, disturbing, and mind-boggling. Because if we are not talking about soul, art, culture, society, consciousness, existence, and what a good life really consists of, then we are not talking about people.

If we don’t Learning to think freely and independently, what keeps us from committing the many potential institutional abuses that the history of psychiatry is full of?

If we don’t Living in culture and breathing in all its shades of raw humanity, if we do not get to know it personally, intimately and emotionally, how can we then see the individual whose psyche has been brutalized by his own and society’s upheavals?

was another It was first published at psykologik.no.

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