A wagon train loaded with cars overturned at Rauma

A wagon train loaded with cars overturned at Rauma
A truck train derailed and overturned in Rauma Municipality on Sunday.

A truck fully loaded with cars derailed on Sunday in Rauma municipality in Møre og Romsdal. Police say the wagon train must have been on its way to Ålesund, where the cars were to be sold.

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– At 07.40 we received a message. It’s a car that skids off the road and leans onto its side, loaded with cars. Both lanes are open and there should be no injuries, Finn Harald Saltzkar, operations manager of the Møre and Romsdal police district, tells VG.

– We were on site at the initial stage and spoke to the driver. He says he’s fine and was checked out by ambulance, Saltzkar said.

The incident took place in Veplungsnes, near Andalsnes. Operations manager Saltskår says a tow truck has been ordered for 09.40, but it will take some time to arrive on site. Recovery of wagon train may impact traffic.

– The roads are a bit colder, and there is a lot of snow, so the conditions are a bit difficult in some places, Saltzkar says, adding that the incident appears to be a traffic accident due to the slippery surface of the road.

Operations Manager Dor-André Gram Frank says the wagon train was on its way to Ålesund.

– As I understand it, there were new cars for sale on the way to Ålesund, says Gram Frank.

However, road conditions in Møre and Romsdal are good compared to the northern part of the country. Snow and wind are causing major traffic problems in central Norway, and police are asking drivers to stop their cars.

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