A well-known lawyer descends with caution – V.G

A well-known lawyer descends with caution - V.G
Morten Kjensli has been a prominent lawyer for decades. He is pictured here during one of the most extensive trials ever conducted in Norway, the lime case.

Supervisory board lawyer Morten Kjensli wanted to separate. A warning is enough, the trial court believes.

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High-profile defense attorney Morten Kjensli (70) is allowed to keep his license.

Supervisory Board liked He separated him because he continued to practice as a lawyer – under someone else’s name – during the period he was without a license.

The Bar Licensing Board, which investigated the case, concluded that the rules had been violated.

But the tribunal believes it was wrong to take the subsidy from him, and pointed out, among other things, that he had admitted “he made a mistake” and that the violations now date back four to five years.

Instead, the tribunal gives Kegensley a warning.

VG has contacted Kjensli, who declined to comment on the decision.

AdvocateWatch He discussed the decision first.

Kjensli went into personal bankruptcy in 2006 and has been without a license since then until 2018. Not allowed to practice as a lawyer without a license.

Between the end of 2017 and October 2018, he should have met clients and sent letters and emails on their behalf, despite being an employee of Rokstad law firm, the supervisory board said.

During this period, Kjensli held the title of “legal investigator”, which was not a protected title with any specific meaning.

“If the Board of Supervisors and the Bar Licensing Board had been aware of the conditions in 2018, it would have constituted sufficient grounds to revoke Kjensli’s license,” the board wrote in its decision.

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Morten Kjensli (second from right) outside Frogner Grendehus during the Orderud trial in 2001. With him from left: lawyer Steinar Wiik Sørvik, the now deceased Tor Kjærvik and lawyer Johnny Wem.

At the turn of the millennium, Kjensli became a well-known lawyer, including one of the co-defendants in one of Norway’s most talked-about murder cases, the Orderud farm triple murder case.

During the same years, he was the lawyer of many famous people, such as Jackie Adley Hamre and TV presenter Hallward Blatland, who is also the father of Katarina Blatland.

Dagbladet once called him “the famous lawyer of celebrities”.

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