Adele disciplines the audience

Adele disciplines the audience

Recently, there has been a kind of trend in concerts where the audience throws things at the artists. Not long ago, singer Bebe Rexha, 33, was hit in the face with a mobile phone during a concert.

She ended up with a cut above her eye, as well as a juicy bruise. He writes the man who dropped the phone was also accused of attacking her BBC. He is said to have told the police that he “thinks it’s funny”.

During Bebe Rexha’s concert on Sunday, things go wrong for the artist, when an audience member throws what appears to be a phone onto the stage. Video: giiikondrackiii via Specte. Correspondent: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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The same thing happened when superstars Logan Paul (28) and KSI (30) visited Norway recently to promote their Prime energy drink. Hundreds of young men threw empty bottles on stage—admittedly at the request of the duo.

Now artist Adele Adkins (35) has had enough of this trend.

Many of them fainted

clear call

Over a long period of time, the British songbird has given concerts in Las Vegas, and now she is speaking out and asking the public to join the trend. She says she thinks the party-goers have forgotten how to behave The telegraph.

Surprises: Here, superstar Adele surprises her fans. Video: James Mason Fox.
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– If any of you throw something at me, I will kill you, she says from the stage and adds that people must have lost their inhibitions.

While making this call, she’s holding some kind of cannon that shoots shirts.

– Stop throwing things at artists when we can shoot things at the audience, she says jokingly, and then throw a T-shirt.

It needs treatment five times a day

It needs treatment five times a day


It’s not just Bebe Rexha and Logan Paul who have things thrown at them on stage. Just over a week ago, the artist Pink, 43, gave a concert in London’s Hyde Park, where an audience member threw a plastic bag with ashes – ashes after the mother of the subject.

During Pink’s concert on Saturday, someone threw what appeared to be ashes from a dead person on stage. Video: Twitter. Correspondent: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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– is this your mother? I don’t know how to feel about that,” Pink said before putting the bag to the side of the stage.

After just a few songs, she was interrupted again when a fan handed her a cheese from the brie variety.

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