Affordable power has never been in the spotlight

Affordable power has never been in the spotlight

Discussion: The new nation of Norway, after some fumbling in the early years, gained until 1920 control over the purchase and development of the country’s waterways. With some exceptions, municipalities, provinces, and the state are responsible for producing and delivering electricity.

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Early on, it was assumed that sufficient and affordable electricity would be provided to consumers. This also became the basis for the intensive development of energy-intensive industry. Price is determined by cost: How much does it cost to produce and supply electricity. This was also the basis for the further development of waterways and power networks and was the backbone of Norway’s operations. One could say we have the kind of desired public electricity monopoly.

Our two largest political parties have never given up on adapting the country to the European Union.


It is not clear to me why and what were the real motives in 1990/1991 the move was taken to open up to commercialization later on for electricity production and sales. Politically, there was an international belief in competition and commercial exploitation. Among other things, it was argued that competition would contribute to efficiency and keep prices low.

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Liberalism and competition have also been a guiding principle in the European Union. And our two largest political parties have never given up on adapting the country to the European Union. But I don’t remember this being used in the argument for the liberalization of the electricity market.

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“according to income”

Gradually, however, those responsible for producing and delivering electricity became aware of the income opportunities that exist in the market. And then seek where the profit is greater. Today we have come to the point that municipalities, county municipalities, and partly the state have made themselves ‘dependent’ on income. We see this as costly for ordinary consumers and businesses.

The idea of ​​affordable electricity has never been in the spotlight. Now we feel that not enough focus is being placed on securing water tanks for periods of drought or additional cold. – If necessary, expensive imported electricity is provided.


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