After the noise of the withdrawal, Emil Iversen replies: – Not fun

After the noise of the withdrawal, Emil Iversen replies: - Not fun

LILLEHAMMER (VG) Many have criticized Emil Iversen’s choice to race the freestyle at Lillehammer. Now the 31-year-old is answering the criticism.


– No, it’s a little special, of course. Almost like coming to a court case and sitting here to defend yourself. I have nothing to do with this outlet, but am grateful for the opportunity. The management believed in me and showed tact. Nobody can take that from me, so it’s just a matter of trying to make it more stable for racing.

This was Emil Iversen’s answer when he was asked how it felt to advocate withdrawal himself – a withdrawal He was not equally popular with everyone.

It’s no fun being in a situation where there’s no doubt as to whether or not to run. I have higher aspirations than that. Iverson says I have a plan that there should be no doubt about whether or not I leave.

– Why should you go this weekend? asks VG Iversen.

– Sometimes I showed good form, especially at the beginning of winter. I think that’s what he does. We national team runners get some priority at the start. I too am among those who were closest to Johannes (Høsflot Klæbo). Iverson replied: I had a good fall and did some good races.

– Are you experiencing increased pressure now?

– number. I’ve said it before: we always have pressure on us when we go. We strive to be the best in the world, and then everything must fall into place. Pressure is nothing new. It wasn’t a “walk in the park” before. I had pressure in Beto, in Roca and now here. Everyone who runs already has it, says Iverson, but there are probably a few who follow me.

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See the entire session at the top of the case.

Iversen didn’t open all worlds in freestyle. Trønder was 14th in Betostolen and when the World Cup finished in Roka in the 20 km freestyle, Trønder was 35th and posted a best time of 39th.

– The rest of us fight for this place, and then they give Emil Iversen the chance. He is the one who did not fast in the freestyle this year. It’s very frustrating. Jan Thomas Jensen told VG a few days ago that they should not shoot themselves in the foot and somewhere the line has to be drawn.

The hard-working cross-country skier is part of the Midt-Norges regional team investment. In Betostolen, he finished a strong fourth in the freestyle, beaten only by Johannes Hosflotte-Klapow, Henrik Donstad and Andrew Musgrave.

– People can say whatever they want. I’m not the one who kills the team. I won’t get hung up on what other people think, but I’d like to be in a position where there is no doubt, says Iversen when asked about Jensen’s remarks.

Jan Thomas Jensen’s coach, Christian Skrodal, also criticized the withdrawal.

– I’m basing it on the fact that Emil Iversen was bad at freestyle in Roca. They constantly refer to seasonal information. The main goal, Skrødal tells VG, is to get as many World Cup points as possible and as many World Cup medals as possible.

Season information indicates that elite runners are given priority.

– And now we are going to the first freestyle race in the singles starting at the World Cup. We haven’t done that at the World Cup so far this year. Distance coach Eric Mer-Nosum explained to VG that now is the first chance and it’s not like elite runners are given priority in eternity.

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And Iverson is ready to show he can be trusted.

– If they do not have faith, I will attack and disprove them, says Iverson.


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