Aker Solutions will hire more consultants – E24

Aker Solutions will hire more consultants – E24

Aker Solutions gives its consulting business the name Entr. By 2030, the number of employees is scheduled to rise from 300 to 600.

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The supplier company Aker Solutions, among other things, is engaged in the construction and maintenance of oil and gas platforms and provides services in the field of offshore wind energy and carbon dioxide capture and storage.

The company is now intensifying its consulting activities, which provides early-stage studies of projects related to, among others, oil and gas, carbon dioxide capture, hydrogen production, offshore wind, energy grids and agriculture.

The work gets its own name, Entr. Aker Solutions sets a goal of doubling its sales volume by 2030. In the same period, the number of employees will increase from 300 to 600, according to the company.

The consulting company has offices in Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, India and Malaysia.

“Entr's growth is driven by increased demand for Aker Solutions' early-stage offering and the need to adapt services to new and existing markets,” the company wrote in a report. message.

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Bets on offshore wind and oil at the same time: – Visible on the city skyline

Explores new business models

Tighter climate policy and more expensive emissions quotas mean many companies are now making plans on how to cut emissions and restructure their operations. Many people request studies for new technology projects, in order to reduce risks and get a better overview of the scope of work and costs.

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– In today's energy landscape, many customers are exploring business models that are new to them, says Aker Solutions CEO Kjetel Digre, according to the report.

The company hopes that Entr can help capture some of these business opportunities.

“Entr will serve as a growth machine for Aker Solutions and will further accelerate the transformation within the global energy industry,” the company wrote.

Reorganization at Mongstad

Founded in 2021, Aker Solutions consultancy is conducting early studies for a number of technologies.

It has recently been awarded, among other things, a contract with Equinor to conduct conversion studies at the Mongstad refinery, including the production of jet fuel from waste and hydrogen with carbon dioxide.2– Yasser.

Consultants from Aker Solutions It also conducts studies From bioenergy plants with carbon dioxide capture to Nordbex in Sweden and a project with Green hydrogen production For Statera Energy in the UK.

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