Alessund: Work to stop gas leaks

Alessund: Work to stop gas leaks

The fire service operates to prevent a gas leak at a company in Alvica, Alessandro. A 300 meter safety zone has been set up.

All emergency services were evacuated Thursday following a gas leak at a company in Alvica, Alessandro.

Operations Manager John Bradland says Sunmoresposton blocked a section as a result of the leak at 11.10am.

All emergency services rush to the scene. No one was injured. Police said there were seven employees at the company and they escaped on their own.

The propane it adds must be gas. It is a type of LPG gas that is stored in liquid form and converted into gas, police said.

300 meter hurdle

At 11.26 am, the area will be cordoned off and a 300-meter security zone will be set up, police said.

Christopher Antonson
Photo: Gas leak Alvica.

There was a leak from the gas tank in the company. Operations Manager Bradland says the fire service will begin closing the leak at 12.20pm with the help of staff at the company.

– It’s a challenging job, which is expected to take an hour, but may be more, he says.

Broadland warns everyone in the area not to use open fire.

– There is no danger of an explosion at the site, a fire now in bad condition, says Bradland.

Police wrote in a Twitter message that they had sent a notice via SMS to everyone in the area.

Sent message to everyone

In the police report, they write that people are being asked not to stay within 300 meters of the security zone:

“Open fire should not be used. Gas can lead to irritation / discomfort,” the police wrote.

Vegtrafikksentralen reports that Alvikvegen (County Road 5946) was closed as a result of the leak.

The case is being updated.


Screenshot of a message sent by the police to the people of the area.
Photo: Christopher Antonson


All emergency services are on site. A 300 meter safety zone has been set up.
Photo: Christopher Antonson

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