Amina Kakapavi – towards Norway:

Amina Kakapavi - towards Norway:

The Nordic countries, including Norway, are naive and cowardly. Everyone is bowing to Erdogan, so the whole of Europe is in his hands, Swedish politician Emine Kakabave says on the phone to Dagbladet.

Last week, it made headlines across Sweden after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he would not do so Support for Sweden’s membership in NATO.

Erdogan You claim that Sweden We have the terrorists as elected representatives, and the country to support the Kurdish militants.

Kakapavi, who herself is of Kurdish origin and was born in Iran, is confident that she is one of those Erdogan has put on the “black list” regarding the NATO issue.

– I am on his non-partisan political list, criticizing and continuing:

– Although I have never fought an open battle against Turkey, I have been waging a democratic struggle for human rights and women’s rights. For Erdogan, both women and Kurds are enemies.

Now it has a clear message for both Norway and the head of the Norwegian NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

Require extradition

On Wednesday, it became clear that Turkey had blocked the first step in the formal NATO process to include Sweden and Finland in the defense alliance.

Kakapavi refers to Erdogan Foot A requirement for the two countries On the extradition of about 30 Kurdish opponents whom Turkey believes are terrorists.

Sweden and Finland have previously been called “free ports” for members of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), which is classified as a terrorist and waging an armed struggle in Turkey.

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Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Avosoglu, claimed that Sweden was supplying weapons to Syrian Kurdish groups such as the People’s Protection Units.

But despite Erdogan’s hot revolutions, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has expressed optimism that a solution will be found.

“Turkey has made it clear that its intention is not to prevent membership,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday.

At the same time, Blinken and other foreign ministers, including Germany’s Annalena Barbock, said they were absolutely sure that all NATO members would eventually say yes.

Now, however, the Swedish politician warns of the path to NATO yes from Erdogan.

Prayer to Norway and Stoltenberg

Kakapavi believes that the Nordic countries are too afraid of ending up in an open conflict with Erdogan, and therefore refuses to set foot when he demands Swedish membership in NATO.

It fears that Sweden will do everything in its power to join NATO, and thus succumb to Erdogan’s demands.

Then she will not support her prime minister anymore. It was Kakapavi’s vote that overturned the majority and secured Anderson’s election as prime minister this fall.

These are people who fled his dictatorship. If you agree to Erdogan’s demands, then Magdalena Anderson will lose my support, says the politician, who throughout her career has struggled for Sweden to be impartial.

It also believes that other NATO countries, including Norway, have a responsibility. She says they have to “do something radical to indicate that a dictator can’t dictate what he wants.”

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– What do you think Norway could do to celebrate this “dramatic”?

They should make it clear that this is not acceptable. Neither Norway nor Sweden nor Finland do that, and give Erdogan free space to win this battle, Kakapavi answers and adds:

– I would like to ask the Norwegian people and Jens Stoltenberg to express their opposition to Erdogan’s demands. Should we allow people like Sweden and Norway and other countries that have taken in political refugees to be labeled as terrorists?

– annoying

When Kakapavi spoke about her skepticism about NATO, she noted that she herself had grown up in “war, misery and dictatorship.”

I know the world needs peace and disarmament, no more weapons. NATO membership means more weapons, war and conflict, claims the politician, who represented the Left Party until 2019 before becoming non-partisan.

– Historical: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met the ambassadors of Finland and Sweden to NATO on Wednesday, May 18th. Video: AP
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confirm it not They were intimidated by their appointment by Erdogan.

– I think it is known to the whole world that Erdogan treats the people who defend the rights of the Kurds as terrorists. She says don’t scare me and adds:

– What frightens me is that he is in one of the NATO countries and that other NATO countries are ready to meet him. They are calm and do nothing. It’s annoying.

Dagbladet directed Kakapavi’s criticism of the Turkish ambassador in Oslo and the Turkish ambassador in Stockholm. The ambassador in Oslo refers to the ambassador in Stockholm, who himself does not want to respond to criticism.

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