And now it also comes in other charging stations

And now it also comes in other charging stations
A new standard: In Norway, carbon dioxide capture and storage containing significant amounts of lead is implemented. In the USA, Tesla’s standard solution, NACS, is used. Photo: Jamieson Pothecare/

Tesla wanted everyone to use its built-in charging system. Now that seems to be the new norm.

Tesla’s charging plug in the US is physically much lighter — and smarter than the North American standard.

After Tesla opened the patent and invited everyone to use it, many automakers switched from the CCS connector to Tesla’s North American charging standard.

Or just NACS, as it’s called, a standard that has become more intuitive and reliable than CCS.

Seven major automakers do like Tesla:

Join forces to build freight networks in North America

Texas with a warrant

And the US state of Texas goes one step further.

According to Reuters, they have approved a plan to require all charging companies to have a Tesla charging plug as well, if they want public funds.

Kentucky, Washington and Florida plan to do the same.

More and more people choose NACS from Tesla:

The Tesla connector will become the new standard

Automakers that have switched to NACS:

  • stronghold
  • General Motors
  • Rivian
  • Volvo
  • pole stars
  • Mercedes Benz
  • April
  • Fisherman

Shipping companies that offer NACS:

  • SK Signet
  • Charge Point Holdings
  • charging flash
  • DCFC tritium
  • evgo
  • ABB

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