Bethesda defends Starfield and begins with negative response…

Bethesda defends Starfield and begins with negative response…

Steam user reviews can be relentless. Many games have seen this over the years, where thousands of players can give their opinions on your latest purchase.

What’s even more surprising is that game developers engage in dialogue with reviews and defend themselves. But that’s exactly what Bethesda’s customer service team has set out to do, in the wake of Starfield ending with a string of negative reviews.

Among other things, he was intercepted by the “JuiceHead” account on X (formerly Twitter).

-It’s not boring with empty planets

The answers all seem to have one bit of pre-written description of Starfield that varies slightly from answer to answer, but they are also direct answers to the criticisms raised in the user review.

The answers are still a bit difficult. Someone tries to convince them that many of the planets in Starfield are specifically designed to be empty, but they disagree that they are inherently boring.

-We are sorry that you did not like landing on different planets and think that many of them are empty. Some Starfield planets are designed to be empty – but they’re not boring. “When the astronauts went to the moon, there was nothing there. At least they weren’t bored.” One response says the point of exploring Starfield is to inspire a sense of awe at how small you are.

Another answer tries to convince the player that starting with a new character will feel like a completely new game due to the variety of missions.

-You can fly, you can shoot, you can dig, you can loot! Starfield is an RPG with hundreds of hours of quests to complete and characters to meet. Most missions will also vary based on your character’s skills and decisions, which changes the outcome dramatically, says the customer service representative.

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Currently, about 67 percent of the total 123,455 reviews for Starfield on Steam are positive, causing Steam to rate reception as “mixed.”

The reviewer also had some complaints about Starfield when the game was released early this fall. Although many things appealed to him, such as the feeling of shooting and the experience of flying, there were many attractions.

– Starfield He is Skyrim is in space, but it’s Skyrim with less soul, less smoothness, and most importantly – less charm in the game, as he wrote in the review.

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