War in Ukraine – Intelligence chief’s wife allegedly poisoned

War in Ukraine – Intelligence chief’s wife allegedly poisoned

– It is true that Marianna Budanova was poisoned by heavy metals. “She is now receiving treatment that is heading towards the final stage,” Andrej Yusov, spokesman for the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate (GUR), said in a statement. Radio Svoboda Tuesday evening.

News website Babylon The alleged poisoning was first reported on Tuesday morning, citing intelligence sources.

The sources claimed that Budanova was hospitalized “after a long deterioration in her health condition.”

They also claimed she was diagnosed as a result of heavy metal exposure, without specifying what injuries or substances might have been involved.

– Do not use these materials in any way in daily life or in military contexts. A military intelligence source told Babel that the presence of the materials may indicate a targeted attempt to poison a specific person.

Comes with prayer: In a new video from the front in Ukraine, Russian forces appeal to their Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to rotate troops. Reporter: Jostein Sletten/Dagbladet
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News website Ukrainian Pravda He also cited unnamed sources who made similar claims in the morning hours. Their theory was that the intelligence chief’s wife was “most likely” poisoned through food.

Because it is small and light, it manifests itself faster. Several other employees have since been confirmed to have been poisoned. They are larger, so they haven’t noticed anything, but they are also receiving treatment now, a source said.

GUR claims this information is correct, and states that it will provide more information at a later date.

In an interview with Radio Svoboda Earlier this fall, Kirilo Budanov claimed that his wife moved into his office with him.

She herself is a trained psychiatrist, and since 2021 she has been working as an advisor to the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, in the field of combating corruption.

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Babel reported that the poisoning allegations were being investigated as an attempted murder of the intelligence chief and his wife.

Also last fall, Ukrainian authorities claimed to have prevented an assassination attempt on the head of military intelligence. The SBU security service then claimed to have arrested Russian agents who planned to liquidate both Budanov and then Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

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