Geert Engbrijtsen after the medal ceremony: – Very special

Geert Engbrijtsen after the medal ceremony: – Very special

Budapest (Aftenposten): An arm’s length from the podium, Gert Ingebrigtsen watched the medal ceremony in the 1,500m.

Gert Ingebrigtsen was present at the medal ceremony.

Two Norwegians stood on the podium: silver winner Jakob Ingebrigtsen and bronze winner Narvi Gilgi Nordas.

Geert Ingebrigtsen and his wife, Ton, stood under a small tree just 100 meters away. Gert smiled proudly as Ton filmed the session.

The controversial coach stayed away from the World Cup stadium, but bought a ticket when the two boys he coached to the top of the world between the stadium and the Danube were honored.

– Very special, Gert Ingebrigtsen admitted when we contacted him.

The delighted Ingebrigtsen did not want to appear for an interview, but said a few words.

“The toilet’s not over yet. We might come back here later,” Ingebrigtsen smiled, before he and his wife retired.

You should practice too!

Then he disappeared into the crowd.

The conflict was marked by a toilet

Ingebrigtsen trained her son Jakob to become the best middle distance runner in the world. But in the winter of 2022, the children separated from the coach. Over the past year and a half, he has been training Narvi Gilgi Nordas to reach the top of the world.

After very turbulent days and a lot of fuss about not being adopted in the loo.

On Wednesday evening, the son Jacob won the silver medal and the student Narvi Gilgi Nordas the bronze.

The water cycle concludes with a 5,000-meter final on Sunday evening. And who knows, maybe Geert Ingebrigtsen will appear at the medal ceremony too.

Jacob Ingebrigtsen (silver), Britain’s Josh Kerr (gold) and Narvi Gilgi Nordas (bronze) during the medal ceremony.

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