Anna Molberg, right | The LO did not mention the right-wing party in its own election test

Anna Molberg, right |  The LO did not mention the right-wing party in its own election test

STORTINGET (Nettavisen): On it LO has developed a test on its own website. There you can test whether you agree with the union on certain issues. After the test, you’ll get a recommendation on what you should vote for in the fall elections.

As a parliamentary representative of the Conservative Party, one would think that most people would recommend Anna Molberg to vote for her own party. But no, the test wants Mollberg to vote left to ensure more red-green municipalities in the fall elections.

– It’s not surprising, I wasn’t born yesterday. Everyone knows that LO is the champion of the Labor Party and that Norway should be governed by left-wing parties. But in the test, most parties highlight issues on which they fully agree, and which the left tends to monopolize. It motivates me, Molberg tells Netavisen.

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– LO deals with misinformation

The test consists of six statements where you can either agree or disagree with the LO.

Demands include “more people should be employed in caring for the elderly, and employees should be trusted to do a good job” and “it should be cheaper for children to participate in leisure activities”.

If you agree with LO on everything, the conclusion is clear: vote left.

Do you only half agree with LO? You still have to vote left.

If you don’t agree with the LO on everything, the test encourages you to read more about what the LO thinks.

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Parties on the right are not recommended regardless of your answer to LO’s electoral test.

– It borders on manipulation, says Anna Molberg.

– What do you put in it?

– LO deals with misinformation. The claims in the test are principles that most parties fully agree on, so it’s manipulative not to mention them. LO has voting members on both the right and the left, it is very strange to exclude a large part of the membership.

– Why is it important that they recommend the left?

– I don’t think people are fooled. But it is clear which members LO wants, namely those from the Left. Having voting members on both sides, it’s a shame that LO chooses to be so exclusionary.

– What should members of the right wing do?

– All Norwegians have the freedom to organize wherever you want and we in the Conservative Party support that. But it is obvious that members who vote on the right are not welcome in LO. When you’re not welcome, more people will consider other options.

Protects the test: – regular rotation from the right

– This is a regular rotation from the right. There is no reason to believe in the Conservative Party, because they support the claims in the test, because they vote against when they can, says André Nerheim, head of politics and public relations at LO and before. Political Adviser in the Labor Party.

He is on a boat dock in western Norway when Netavisen calls. He is going to campaign there.

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– What do you want to achieve with the test?

– General information. We want to show what is important to LO and our members, explains Nerheim.

– How does this test help the young and undecided voter?

– It contributes by showing the important issues for the Labor movement and how the Conservative Party does not care about that policy. “I would be proud if I could reach young people through testing,” says Nerheim.

– You’ve been accused of disinformation and the experiment has been described as being manipulated by conservative MP Anna Molberg. What do you think about that?

– I vehemently deny it. Nerheim says it’s an informative test of issues that concern our members.

– How many of your members vote left?

– I don’t remember exactly, I think it was 67 percent last time I checked.

– What about the last 33 percent?

– If you take the test and disagree with us on everything, they should be allowed to vote to the right. Nerheim says it’s not necessary to vote left.

– But you’re not reporting what the right wing thinks?

– No, conservatives can do such a test themselves.

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