Policy Violations: Dictok bans seven million accounts under the age of 13

Policy Violations: Dictok bans seven million accounts under the age of 13

Online network Dictok Blocked accounts for seven million minors in the first quarter. In addition, from January to the end of March, Dictoc announced on Wednesday that nearly 62 million videos had been deleted for violating internal guidelines. Among others, the spread of hatred, nudity and persecution was punished.

Users at United StatesThose under the age of 13 will be sent to the Dictoc version for younger users. According to their own reports, online network operators use a variety of methods to determine if users are giving false information about their age. According to Dictok, nearly four million accounts were blocked for violating social standards.

The site, owned by the Chinese internet group Bydance, is said to have around one billion users worldwide, including more than 100 million in the United States. Video usage is especially popular among young smartphone users.

Biden canceled Trump’s actions

President of the United States Joe Biden To In early June His pioneering activities Donald Trump Canceled against Dictoc and many other Chinese applications. Instead of banning popular applications, the White House says the government will review the risks to “national security and the American people” posed by foreign applications.

The Trump administration had Dictoc, Wechat and other applications National security risk is classified as as. The background to this is the fear that data from US users will end up with the Chinese government. Trump wanted to force the sale of dictatorship. The deadline was repeatedly adjourned, and Dictok successfully sued in US courts.

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