Announces armaments in NATO – VG

Announces armaments in NATO – VG
Agreement: NATO President Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on March 16.

Brussels Defense Minister Odd Roger Enochsen said that NATO will prepare proposals on how to further strengthen the defense of member states.


NATO defense ministers gathered together for meetings throughout Wednesday. Defense Secretary Odd Roger Inoxen (Sp) told VG after the meeting that there was agreement to upgrade further.

It has now been decided that until the meeting in June, NATO’s military advisors will prepare proposals on how to further strengthen NATO’s defense of member states, Enoxen says, noting that this will include investments and new forces.

– This could mean that Norway should be willing to engage more than we do in Lithuania today, for example, but also that we should take on greater responsibility at home, by facilitating the reception of Allied forces and strengthening our defence, says Enoxen.

In May last year, allied NATO countries began making regular calls with nuclear-powered submarines in Tromsø, thus moving NATO activity in Norway to the north.

Enoksen announced to VG earlier Wednesday that the government will already on Friday put in place a plan to strengthen the defense.

Meeting: NATO Defense Ministers gathered together for meetings throughout Wednesday. Here they take a group photo.

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Enoksen travels to Andøya where he lives, but said he did not come home for the weekend due to work with the war.

– Undoubtedly, she is calling for the position of Minister of Defense during this period. It was very demanding because the situation is changing quickly and decisions have to be taken quickly.

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– Both the government was able to do this and the civil service in the different ministries was able to do so. They provided a basis for very good, efficient and fast decision making.

He points out that dealing with refugees from the war in Europe will be a major task in the future.

It is clear that something we are in nationally right now is the tragic refugee situation across Europe. Poland took in 1.9 million refugees in two weeks. It’s incredibly impressive that they’ve managed it so well, he says, adding that the rest of Europe – Norway included – should also be prepared to take in a larger proportion of refugees.

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