Killed by his younger brother: stabbed 19 times

Killed by his younger brother: stabbed 19 times

On the 8th of September last year, 20-year-old Tyler Lindley from England killed his 2-year-old brother Cameron with his “mother’s biggest kitchen knife”.

It’s reports BBC News.

Cameron was stabbed multiple times in the neck and chest. He was slaughtered, says the boys’ mother, Tara Lindley Wales Online newspaper.

She was in the middle of the firing line when the brutal incident unfolded.

– My young grandchildren were sleeping on the second floor. The mother says: I feared for the lives of all of us.

Here he realizes his fatal mistake

Here he realizes his fatal mistake

neglected child

According to the family senior, older brother Cameron has always been a good boy. He had good grades in school, and was kind and considerate—the brazenness of his family’s eye.

On the other hand, little brother Tyler was aloof and quiet. The family also claims that he was also a very often problematic child. He had several convictions behind him, Wells wrote online.

He said he wanted to kill Cameron and burn down his mother’s house. But since no family member reported it, nothing was done, says Michael Jones K. CW Court of Wales newspaper.

In 20222, Tyler moved into a youth hostel where he spent most of his time. His brother, Cameron, went to university to become an engineer.

The contrast was great among the boys. A family spokesperson said that Tyler was a neglected child.

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Stabbed 19 times

On a September evening last year, Cameron and Tyler were sitting around the dinner table at their mother’s.

At 18:30, Tyler suddenly goes into the kitchen and finds the largest knife that needs to be retrieved:

Then he attacked his older brother and stabbed him in the throat.

According to Wales Online, the mother-to-be tried unsuccessfully to come between her two sons. Tyler stabbed his brother in the chest, pulled out the knife – and repeated the maneuver over and over.

Cameron runs into the park with Tyler in tow. His clothes were covered in blood and he was unconscious. As Big Brother lay on the ground, apparently lifeless, Tyler continued stabbing him.

– I closed the balcony door and stood trembling. I was terrified for my grandchildren who were upstairs, the visibly affected mother explains to the paper.

The killer shark is going to a museum

The killer shark is going to a museum

By the time the police and paramedics got to the address, Cameron was already dead. Tyler was arrested at the scene and pleaded guilty soon after. After several psychiatric evaluations, the 20-year-old was said to have suffered from “unstable personality disorder”, but was of sound mind at the time of the crime.

Jealousy killed

This week the verdict came out in the brutal murder of Cameron Lindley. Tyler was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 18 years before he could file for parole.

Judge Paul Thomas K.

In court, Tyler made it no secret that he still stuck to his opinion that his older brother had always received his mother’s attention and love.

– It was a purely jealous killing, says the judge.

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