Another Koshak nest tree was cut down and destroyed

Another Koshak nest tree was cut down and destroyed

– We have asked that the cases be seen in context, says Rolf Jorn Carlsen at Bird Life Gijovic, Totten Oak Land.

NRK recently wrote about a similar case from Totten, where the Glommen Mjøsen forests cut down and destroyed a goshawk nest.

This time a nest in Kijovic was destroyed.

Rolf Jorn Carlson should check the nest in the first week of July.

– It lay outside where it was cut. It was cut. In both cases, the nest lays in pieces and is separated in a cutting area, pushed down by a cutting machine.

Also Dehli and Rolf Jorn Carlsen, Birdlife Opland

Correspondent: Ornithologist Dehli (th) and Rolf Jørn Carlsen from Birdlife Norway in the forest where the previous nest was cut.

Photo: Ryder Gregerson

Carlson says the forest owner received a letter from the state administrator in the summer of 2022 telling him where the nest was and what conservation rules apply.

– Carlson says there were three or four young in the nest.


Characteristic bird of prey: There are 4,000–5,400 goshawks in Norway.

Photo: Police

Sorry again

The Forest Service regretted the felling at Totton. They are doing that now.

– We have carried out our own investigations and have learned that a goshawk nest in Geovik has been damaged. So we have sent a report to the state administrator and timber buyers about this,” says Business Policy Manager Yngve Holth.

Yngve Holth, Norskog

Sorry Again: Yngve Holth in Glommen Mjøsen Skog.

Photo: Private

The reason why they don’t know about the faction nest is the same now as last time.

Until now, we have gathered information about nests from various sources. The state has had its own database for sensitive data for a long time, but we have not been given permission to link it, he says.


Why should Goshak be protected?

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The goshawk is particularly vulnerable to logging because it nests in forests ripe for logging.

According to its own rules, the forestry agency must keep a distance of at least fifty meters from raptor nests while felling. Consideration of game biotopes is part of the Norwegian PEFC forest standard. Nest biotopes are vulnerable to disturbance and changes in forest landscape, and this is reinforced during the nesting season. From March 2023, the standard has changed to 80 meters/nest, which was used in the last 10 years.

It’s an extensive database of more than 12,000 observations indoors alone, and Holth says they only gained access last summer.

When we got the connection up and running on our computer, we checked for any damage that might have occurred in the interim. Then this nest appeared in Gjøvik. It’s a very unfortunate incident, but we have a link to a working site now, he says.

He says they also did not get a copy of the letter the forest owner received from the state administrator last year. Holth emphasizes that the Goshawk is a species that places a high value on conservation.

– Has access to Rovbase

BirdLife Oppland, which reported the felling, believes the forest agency knew and knew about the nest, but they did not prioritize using evidence to search the system to verify.

– The state administrator has received a message about the nest location from BirdLife Opland and has entered it into the Rowbase database. Glommen Mjøsen Forest has access there, says Rolf Jørn Carlsen.

Goshak 04.09.05

About Goshak

Goshawk is a large bird of prey in the hawk family. It is significantly larger than its relative the sparrow hawk. In Norway, it lives in dense forests in most parts of the country.

This species prefers pine and spruce old-growth forests, but is also found in some places in old-growth deciduous forests and other forest types. The diet consists mainly of medium-sized mammals and birds. Adult goshawks are usually resident birds, with young birds migrating to the coast or southeast Sweden.

Source: Great Norwegian Encyclopedia and Species Data Bank.


Evaluation of the red list

Race is evaluated Vulnerable VU for the Norwegian Red List of Species 2021. This category comes from the small population size and current decline. Earlier, it was classified as Near Threatened.

A matter of fundamental importance

The case in Gjøvik was reported to the police this week. Superintendent of Police Gajetil Hansen confirms that they have received the report.

Holth says they only knew about the report through the media.

– He says we have not seen the content of the complaint and have not heard anything from the police.

It is now up to the police to investigate the case and assess the question of due diligence.

– This is a case of fundamental importance and a case that our environmental department should prioritize, Einar Kousla Berkem, police prosecutor in the Inlanded police district, told Arbeiterblad after the first report.

The felling at the two sites where the goshawk nests were destroyed took place at about the same time last winter.

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