Ap senior Thorbjorn Berndtsen about the store:

Ap senior Thorbjorn Berndtsen about the store:

According to Thorbjørn Berndtsen (88), former deputy leader of the Labor Party, Labor leader Jonas Carr Storr has no political agenda. In a recent book, he introduced four possible successors.

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The book “What Happened – What’s Happening?” is called, and is the result of a conversation with Berndtsen and the writer, SV politician and historian Hans Olav Lahlum.

According to the author, the book came about after Thorbjørn Berntsen contacted him and suggested they write a book together.

“Thorbjörn Berndtsen wanted to reveal his history and his perspective on past events and the current situation,” writes Lahlum in the introduction.

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In talks with Lahum, the super-hero Berndtsen unleashes on the current leadership at Ap. Ap’s crisis-reduced support in local elections earlier this fall saw the party gain 21.6 percent, becoming the second-largest party after the Conservatives for the first time in 99 years.

This spring, he wrote on Facebook that he wanted a new party leader. In the book, he lashes out at the store again.

Bentson describes Storr as coming from a wealthy bourgeois family, who was not part of the AUF and was “a stranger to the movement when he appeared as a minister” in 2005.

“After two years of Jonas as prime minister, our party is down to 16-17 percent in the parliamentary elections. Jonas has no political agenda. What kind of leverage do we have to challenge the capitalist elite when we have members of that elite in our own party leadership?” asks Berndtsen in a quote from the book.

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The store drew criticism in an internal AP meeting: – A waiting room

Potential successors

But he goes back to demanding that the store be replaced:

“He’s red-faced and stuck in the wind as prime minister, and I don’t think we have anyone who can fill that role better in the here and now,” adds Berndtsen.

But the Ap senior, who has spent 20 years in the Storting and seven as environment protection minister, has also pointed to potential successors.

He mentions vice presidents Donje Brenna and Jan Christian Vestre and two ministers: Kari Nessa Nordun and Terje Ausland.

Even the party secretary is not spared:

“Unfortunately, Kjersti Stenseng has been too anonymous and cautious and doesn’t realize the seriousness of the situation even now. I would have liked Jonas Pauls from LO to be there instead,” Thorbjörn Berndtsen’s message.

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He was exasperated by the Conservative Party:

“It’s too bad that we are losing power in Oslo and many big cities because the Conservatives cheated! That the wife of the party leader is involved in multi-million stock trading from the Prime Minister’s house and the information about it is hidden until after the election… is a democratic problem! It is unacceptable that this is the case here in Norway,” the book said. Berndtsen says.

Berndtsen was a trade union leader who was a parliamentary representative, deputy leader of labor and minister of environmental protection in Gro Harlem’s government.

Lahlum has previously written biographies of Ap’s legendary party secretary Haakon Lie and former party leader Reiulf Steen.

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