Asks to clean the store

Asks to clean the store

– This trial was half the total duration of the war. It makes no sense! Then something has to be done differently, clear talk to former Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreides (H) Dagbladet.

On Tuesday, a message came from Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) The government has now decided to say yes to Norway At the request of the European Union to obtain wounded soldiers from Ukraine for medical discharge and treatment.

But the answer came almost after that Six weeks and a full four requests About the same, and not before the Minister of Justice was hastily summoned to answer for himself in Sorting.

Now both Søreide and Venstre leader Guri Melby are demanding that the government clean up.


– I react to the fact that it took an incredibly long time before they came to a conclusion. Dagbladet previously pointed to the confusion surrounding who was actually responsible for the case. We became aware of the problem ourselves when we sent an emergency summons to the law minister because everyone started pointing at each other to find the person in charge, says Søreide.

He is the chairman of Storting’s Foreign and Security Council, and strongly opposes the fact that there must be four investigations before the EU can receive a response from the Norwegian government.

– All such inquiries in the midst of a war are, of course, urgent. They would not have come if not for the need.

Soride insists he does not know whether the use of time was based on suspicion or reluctance, but believes the Justice Minister’s response – his response a few minutes after the Conservatives were urgently summoned – was not very conclusive. To her storting.

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– I do not think the answer would have come yet if we had not done so, she says.

Requires capture from Støre

Eriksen Søreide and Melby both deal with this case and believe there are similarities with the case Filter messages Revealed in March.

It was said that there must have been an internal conflict between several ministries regarding the process of donating ambulances to Ukraine.

At the time, Norway was the last to make its contribution, Søreide points out.

Norwegian weapons: Verified videos showing Norwegian artillery vehicles on the ground in Ukraine. Video:
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Hours after Conservatives hastily summoned Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehle (SP), the party’s parliamentary leader, Marit Ernst Stad, walked out and said Health Minister Ingville Kerkol (Labor) was constitutionally responsible for the case.

But, a few hours later came the reply from the Minister of Justice.

– It reinforces the sense of confusion and vague divisions of responsibility. If the Minister of Justice is not responsible, it would be surprising if he still responds to Sporting, Soride points out.

He calls on the Prime Minister to keep his feet down and ensure that responsibility is clearly distributed within the government.

– I am surprised that Støre apparently could not be reduced. He should take control and say that these investigations should be expedited and reported to the government if necessary, Søreide said.

– The Prime Minister does not seem to be putting enough pressure to ensure that responsibility in the government is clearly distributed. It has such an effect, Søreide continues.

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– Need to sharpen

The Ministry of Justice itself has confirmed that several departments are responsible for different areas of this work.

– The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health should be responsible for the various parts of this, says Søreide, the recipe for shredding responsibility.

He receives support from Melby, a member of the Foreign and Security Council, who hopes the situation will help cast doubt on Norway’s readiness for an ongoing war in Europe.

– One if a personal case is badly handled. We can critique it, and then it’s over. But the question we ask here is whether this is a permanent one. Melby concludes by saying that the crisis is long overdue and we can no longer feel it.

– The government must take action, they must move forward. If we are serious about supporting Ukraine, we must be prepared to deal with this and other investigations. I think we don’t seem to be.

Answer: Left-wing leader Kuri Melby.  Photo: Derje Peterson / NDP

Answer: Left-wing leader Kuri Melby. Photo: Derje Peterson / NDP
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The answer is needed

In a political quarter on Thursday, Secretary of State Astrid Berkmal (Labor) said he had no ties to Russia. The main reason Norway will use intermediaries to expel troops.

– This means that it is part of the relationship with Russia, in whose case I am most critical of the vote.

Sorite points out that no other country considers aiding and abetting the medical treatment of Ukrainian soldiers to take part in the war.

– It’s clear we will not stay, says Soride.

He also criticized the government for saying that the process of determining whether wounded Ukrainian soldiers could receive assistance in Norway was too complicated.

Now both Melby and Søreide are seeking answers from the Minister of Justice. What time did it take in treatment and when, how and what is the government doing to evacuate the wounded soldiers.

– Of course, these wounded soldiers did not come to Norway, but should be expelled. Based on the responses received so far from the government, I do not believe they are ready to implement this decision, Søreide concludes.

– Surprise

The Secretary of State for Justice, Astrid Bergmal, wrote in an email to Dagbladet that they were “ready” to bring the wounded Ukrainian soldiers to Norway.

– This is an important decision to unite behind the government, which affects the responsibility of many ministries. It is very common for different ministers to be responsible for different areas of the case complex like this. As for the government, it is not clear who is responsible for what.

Cooperation between the ministries did not delay the decision, but contributed to the evacuation taking place within the required legal and security framework, Bergmal said, and alternatives for entry clearance and residential grounds have been assessed and arranged.

– When receiving a request to rescue wounded soldiers for the first time in Norwegian history, it is surprising that a party like the Conservatives did not see the importance of carrying out thorough assessments. If we had not confirmed whether there were legal and security issues, I think it would have been directly irresponsible, says Berkmal.

Dagbladet has presented this criticism to the Prime Minister’s Office, which refers to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Health has not yet responded to Dagbladet.

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