Aslak Morstad, traitor Asker Morstad regrets not using the “traitor” award in this matter

Aslak Morstad, traitor  Asker Morstad regrets not using the “traitor” award in this matter

Just over a week ago it became known that TV personality and player Aslak Maurstad (31 years old) had reached the top of the ‘Forræder’. As a traitor, he managed to trick the loyal participants into wandering off, eventually escaping by winning and taking prizes worth NOK 132,000.

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Morstad had previously revealed to Nettavisen what he would use the prize money for. Among other things, he will donate a large sum to his mother’s charity, the Zulu Godfather, and treat friends to dinner.

But the only thing that money does not go to is the purchase of apartments. Morstad reveals that he is a little remorseful now.

– It probably wasn’t very strategic for me to say I’d give money, Morstad admits to Nettavisen.

– Do what I want with the money

After three years as lovers, Morstad and Martin Hatstad Kvili take their relationship a step further and become cohabitants. They are now looking for an apartment, but the “traitor”‘s money does not go to the apartment.

– I forgot I’m trying to find an apartment, Morstad laughs.

The “Traitor” winner went on to say that fortunately there were no sad faces on her boyfriend’s side, and that she was very confident the money should be donated to a worthy cause.

– It’s my money, I do what I want with it, me, he says jokingly and adds:

Martine had no objection to giving away the money.

A large portion of the prize money will therefore be donated to Marie Morstad’s charity, the Zulu sponsor.

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– I will give a five-digit number to the sponsor of Zulu, which helps underprivileged children in South Africa, and my mother has run it since 2006. In addition, I will give a part of the refugee assistance that Torstein Bae works for, as Morstad Nettavisen said in the final party “The Traitor” .

I had to put off moving plans for a year

The couple has been together for just over three years, and according to the 31-year-old, cohabitation has been on the cards for a long time. But this has not been possible so far:

We found out we wanted to move in together for over a year. But since we both work as independent artists, we found it totally unrealistic to move in together at that time. But it’s over now, says the cheerful Morstad.

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Morstad and Hatstad Kvili met in February 2020, but have lived on opposite sides for a long time. For the past six months, the 31-year-old’s friend has lived in Copenhagen, while Morstad has been living at NRK’s ​​gaming home in Nordstrand since September.

The couple has already started the process, and they’ve done 15 shows already. It’s an activity that Morstad doesn’t find particularly fun, but that his friends do.

– It’s not very interesting to go to the show. But I have some friends who think it’s really fun to go to shows, so they come sometimes, Morstad says and adds:

– I think it’s very strange that they think it’s fun.

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Apart from the couple who would like to live in a calm and quiet place in the capital city, they have two other requirements for the apartment.

Both Morstad and Hatstad work a lot from home. Therefore, it is important that they have an additional room, which can be both a game room and an office.

It is likely to be used very widely. Martin must also have a sunny balcony. This is her only requirement.

It reveals unknown prehistory

As mentioned, Morstad and Hatstad Kfili have been together for three years. Their first date is set before the entire world goes into lockdown in 2020.

But the couple’s prehistory extends much further than that, Morstad reveals. He says that his mother and his girlfriend’s father previously worked together on a comedy show.

– They know each other well, but neither Martin nor I really knew anything about it before we met.

They met “the modern way”, namely on Tinder.

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Since Morstad and Hatstad’s parents are old acquaintances, the couple had a greater connection to each other before they became a couple – without knowing it:

Her family has received Christmas cards from us every year for many years. So there are pictures of me at her house, laughs.

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