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Famous intelligence journalist Peter R. The murderous attack on De Vries (64) is horrifying. The Dutch star reporter was shot dead and seriously injured on the street in Amsterdam on Tuesday evening (July 6).

Two suspects were arrested Wednesday. The royal family, politicians and journalists’ associations from across Europe strongly condemned the act.

The attack joins the tragic list of attacks on reporters’ lives.

AM Jamal Kashogi: In October 2018, Jamal Kashogi was assassinated at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. The body of a Saudi journalist and government commentator has never been found. A special order from Riyadh is said to have killed him.

As a result, the leadership of the Islamic Conservative Kingdom has come under severe criticism. The government in Riyadh has admitted to the killing only under international pressure. Before he died, Kashogi was deported to the United States, where he wrote columns for the Washington Post. An investigation into the murder of 26 Saudi nationals is underway in Istanbul.

I Giorgos Cariwas: Greek blogger and journalist shot dead in front of his home in Athens in April 2021. Giorgos Carivas, known in Greece as a police reporter, was hit by seven shots. Two men escape on a motorcycle.

In April 2021, Giorgos Caraivas was shot dead outside his home in Athens.Photo: ANT1

Kariwas reportedly was on his way home from a boulevard show one afternoon when he complained to a crime reporter. In the coming weeks, the investigation will not find any clear motive or indications of any culprit, but believe the context of one of the reporter’s statements is possible. No pre-criminal threats against Karaivas are known.

Anna Balitkovska: Russian journalist shot dead at his home in Moscow in October 2006, the killer waiting in the hallway. The then 48-year-old made a name for himself as a critic of the wars in Chechnya. In 2014, several men from the North Caucasus Republic were convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead at her home while her killer was waiting in the hallway.  A surveillance camera filmed an unknown man before and after reality - he Mö

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead at her home while her killer was waiting in the hall. A surveillance camera filmed an unknown person before and after the crime – was he a murderer? Photo: REUTERS

The European Court of Human Rights considers that the case is not clear enough in 2018. Russian authorities have not sufficiently identified who the mastermind is.

EN EN Benjamin Morales Hernandez: One of the most dangerous states for the press, along with Mexico, Afghanistan and Iraq. Recently another reporter died there. Benjamin Morales Hernandez, founder and chairman of the local news portal “Notice Sonoidak”, went missing on May 2, 2021: he was abducted from his car by strangers in Sonoida on the US border. His body was found a day later, shot.

Global Press Freedom 2021 - Chart

Morales Hernandez received several threats before he died. Journalists are dying again and again in Mexico, where they boldly report on drug traffickers and other organized crime.

AP AP Daphne Caruana Galicia: A 53-year-old journalist was killed in a car bomb near his residence in the Maltese capital Valletta in October 2017. Several men were indicted in the murder case, and in 2021 the first conviction was handed down against the convicted defendant. However, an entrepreneur involved in a power plant is now said to be the real mastermind.

Caruana is said to have investigated corruption in connection with the construction of the power plant before Galicia died. The bereaved are seeking an inquiry into the role of the government. The EU Commission should also make full clarification.

AN AN John Kuziak: A 27-year-old journalist and his fianc were shot dead in February 2017 at their home in the Slovak village of Velka Makkah. His report on the links between the Italian mafia and Slovak government officials was published posthumously. This sparked mass protests against corruption. Thus, the government and the police chief resigned. This person is believed to have shot dangerous shots and two accomplices were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Slovak intelligence journalist John Kuczyk († 27) and his fianc மனைவிe Martina Kuznirova were assassinated at their home near Bratislava

Slovak intelligence journalist John Kuzyak († 27) and his fiance Martina Kuznirova were assassinated at their home near BratislavaPhoto: AFP

The accused mastermind, billionaire Marion Cogner, was acquitted in 2020 in a controversial verdict. However, in 2021 it was announced that the proceedings against him would reopen as new evidence became available.

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