Lambda: The new variant has reached Europe – is it dangerous?


Lambda in Europe: How dangerous is the new variant?

Portugal and Great Britain are no longer areas where the virus varies

Portugal and Great Britain are no longer areas where the virus varies

The federal government has reduced the number of virus variation areas, causing high incidence in India, Portugal, the UK and Russia. Those returning from these areas will no longer have a separate isolated duty.

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The lambda variant of the corona virus, which first appeared in South America, has also arrived in Europe. You need to know it about the mutant.


  • Is Lambda coming to Europe after the Delta variant?
  • The new variant with the name C37 is spreading to many countries, including some European countries such as Spain and Great Britain
  • This is what has been known so far about the new corona mutation

As shops and restaurants opened their doors in Germany and normal life picked up speed again, the news of the new was dark Corona mutations Mood. Even when it first appeared in South America now Lampta-variant of Corona virus Coming to Europe – spreading.

According to Spanish media reports, about 80 infections are suspected in Cantabria, on the north coast of Spain. There are already six confirmed cases of the lambda variant in Great Britain.

What is the Lambda variant?

Also known as the Andean variant or C.37, this mutation was first discovered in Peru in December 2020 and then spread to at least 29 countries, mainly South America. Then it spread quickly in Peru. Shortly after its discovery, it was responsible for only 0.5 percent of cases. However, in May and June, this variation already accounted for 82 percent of infections. Besides, there was Lambda BBC Sea Responsible for 37 percent of cases in Argentina and 32 percent of cases in Chile.

Lampta variant C.37: WHO observes diffusion

Lambda has been under special surveillance since mid-June World Health Organization (WHO). Due to its mutations, the virus variant may be more contagious or less likely to be fought by the human immune system, according to the Geneva UN. The company said. However, reliable studies and reliable findings are not yet available.

Said Jiro Mundes-Rico, the WHO’s expert on viral diseases “Deutsche Welle”: ‚ÄúThere is no evidence so far Very aggressive behavior Lampta variant. Despite the possibility of higher infection rates, we do not yet have strong enough studies to compare them to gamma or delta. “

There are no symptoms other than other types

So far, there are no other infections in the lambda variant Symptoms More than any other genre, Pablo Sukayama told the BBC. A microbiologist at the Microbiological Genomics Laboratory in Peru was responsible for research to identify C.37. According to Sukayama, all that is known from personal stories from doctors is that bowel problems can occur frequently.

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Montez-Rico: The best way to vaccinate against mutants

Gamma and Delta Like alpha and beta, these mutations have been shown to be alarming Infectious and harder to fight than the original corona virus. However, Montes-Rico says there is currently no evidence that the variants are very dangerous and can lead to high mortality. “SARS-Cowie-2 will become highly contagious in its evolutionary process, but at the same time will not do much harm to the host.” However, the details are not yet known.

According to Montez-Rico, it is the best remedy against all mutants. The
Corona vaccine: “All of the vaccines we have approved against corona species that spread around the world are generally effective – and there is no reason to assume that they will be inferior with Lampta.”

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