Astrid S Cinderella’s Most Played Christmas Song – VG

Astrid S Cinderella's Most Played Christmas Song - VG
FULL HIT: Makes Astrid Smeplass sharp on both the cinema and graphic screen.

Astrid Simplas’ debut single in Norwegian takes her to the top of the VG chart for the first time in over four years.


The artist is currently enjoying great success as an actor. Over half a million have so far watched the 25-year-old star in the remake of “Three Nuts for Cinderella.”

Regarding the movie, Smeplass released the song “When the Snow Melts” a couple of months ago.

And it wasn’t just the hits: Now it turns out that the song has hit all the other Christmas songs in Norwegian homes this past week, and it’s at the top of Norway’s official song list, VG . menu.

There she leaves behind her annual Christmas Napkins with Mariah Carey, um! , Chris Rea, Maria Mina and Michael Buble – and the new big international Christmas song, Sias “Snowman”, which topped the list earlier in December.

– It’s amazing that my first Norwegian song topped the VG chart! I have received a lot of good feedback. It was fun seeing the life the song had. This means a lot to me, says Astrid S in a letter to VG.

was not sure

Since 2013 she’s had a long list of top 10 hits, but you have to go back to fall 2017 to find her first and, to date, only number one single on VG’s chart, “Think Before I Speak.”

Also in 2017, she was awarded the Spellemann of the Year award.

Smeplass already has a new hit to point out after the release of “When the Snows Melt”; “Beautiful” duet with Dagny It recently reached the tenth position.

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In a live video on TikTok in early December, Smeplass revealed that the two were a bit unsure if they would release “Pretty.”

There she also said that it became necessary to use the song in the Hollywood movie “The Hating Game”, a romantic comedy.

“When the Snows Melt” at the time of writing has surpassed six million plays on Spotify. Preity 3.3 million.

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